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Practice Opening-Minutemen14

Nigeria is haunted by what seems to be an inevitable dead end in eradicating the Poliovirus. False information and an overall fear of vaccinations has turned into guerrilla warfare when battling the poliovirus, rather than one common goal against it. … Continue reading

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Practice Opening- kingofcamp

There is no “Art of Eradicating Polio”, groups affected by violence and dishonesty will almost forever stay reluctant- as seen in Nigeria. Nigeria’s corruption has created great division within the country. Trusted officials have spread rumors stating that Polio vaccines … Continue reading

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Practice Opening- anonymousgirl116

The spread of polio certainly will never come to an end if people choose not to get vaccinated. With such little amount of cases of polio may seem good, it is still out in the world. The main factor as … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – gingerbreadman27

The art of eradicating polio is becoming an increasingly difficult task plagued by instability and counter efforts in the last remaining polio strongholds. Nigeria, one of the remaining strongholds, is plagued by violence caused by a overlapping mess of cultures … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—spaghettitacosforthesoul

Haruna Katata The extermination of polio is increasingly difficult because of the result of fear-mongering within Nigeria. Haruna Kaita, a professor of pharmacy at Ahmadu Bello University, is known for spreading false information against the polio vaccine. There have been … Continue reading

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Practice Opening-Levixvice

Polio disease has effected the human population before twentieth century began. This disease causes permanent paralysis which hinders the nervous system inactive and has a slight chance of one’s death to occur. Its influence has spread from poor neighborhoods in … Continue reading

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Practice Opening chickendinner

As desirable a goal as it certainly is, we must face the grim reality that polio will not be permanently eradicated, at least not anytime soon. Though inoculation efforts can and should be pursued where it is feasible, there will … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – SpookyGhost

Polio will never cease to exist so long people who thwart anti-polio efforts do exist. Despite the best efforts of organization working to eradicate Polio, terrorism in Nigeria, and vaccine rumors results in major setbacks among operations to rid of … Continue reading

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Practice Opening- littlecow24

Through the traveling of Nigeria, Muhammad Ali Pate is proof that the polio vaccine can greatly help to eradicate polio. Pate himself is going around to different places in Nigeria to make sure that children receive the vaccine, as he … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – Lily4Pres

Much like in modern day virus eradication hunts, polio in Nigeria has linked with another issue that facilitates the spread of Polio, false pretenses. Similar to COVID today, polio is surrounded by false rumors that concentrate around birth defects, HIV … Continue reading

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