Visual Assignment

Domestic Abuse


Dog lying on some sort of table. Looks injured. In the backround is a faded bloody bandage over one of the legs. It could be animal abuse or some type of accident.


There is now a vetrenarian in the picture and a woman who I am assuming is the owner of the dog. It is relieving to see them because it may not be animal abuse if the owner is present. Could have been an accident.


The dog looks scared. You cant see the hand of the woman we identified as the owner petting the dog to give it comfort. The dog is in pain and the vet and woman are trying to keep it calm.


The vet is looking up to the woman mouthing something. It could be in reference to what happened or what the injury is.


Now the woman is shown. She looks very sad. Even though the dog is alive and looks like it will recover, she looks very depressed and down. Her hair is messy and in her face and she looks tired and very sad.


The woman raises the right side of her head and we see her full face. She is shown with a black eye. She has obviously been hit and the dog could have been hit by the same abuser. Animal and human abuse is now a huge possibility.


The woman looks over to a boy. It looks to be her son. He looks very shaken up and tired.


This videos sole purpose was to bring attention to domestic and animal abuse. Just because there is one abuse does not mean both are not taking place. In the video the woman and the dog were both abused by someone in the same house as the boy, dog, and female.


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  1. davidbdale says:


    Dog lying on some sort of table. Looks injured. In the background is a faded bloody bandage over one of the legs. It could be animal abuse or some type of accident.

    [The dull sheen of the table indicates it is steel or perhaps another industrial surface. It is clean, suggesting the dog is indoors. The light overhead and the soft shadow the dog casts on the tabletop indicate further that the scene is an interior, as does the “fixture-type” lighting in the background. The bloody bandage is not surgical gauze; rather, it looks like a knotted dish towel with a frayed edge, so most likely it was applied in a home by a homeowner, not be a veterinarian. This suggests that the dog has not yet received medical attention. Perhaps a recent wound or surgery has opened and the dog’s owner tried to stem the flow? Or maybe the dog received a new injury at or near home and an owner used a temporary bandage to help it until professional help could be found?]


    [The camera slowly moves in on the dog’s face and eyes, which blink and then open wide. Whatever else may be going on in the video, we are being asked to carefully consider and attend to this suffering animal. Almost as if we were bringing out own faces closer to his, we move in to comfort him. His eyes roll up a bit to indicate that he is aware of our closeness, signalling further that he is conscious and alert enough to take note of his surroundings. He is a character in a drama, not a prop.]

    Do these additional observations help you understand how much visual information you’re ignoring in your first draft, ndb?
    Reply, please.


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