A Creative Piece

Although it’s not the type you were expecting, I wanted to show you one of my writings I did for a class this year about Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s short, sweet and a little childish, but I thought you’d like to see something of mine.

A Dream, A Dream, A Dream

The start and finish of all so beautiful

Yet mistrust and despair was all too juvenile

Sent away crying from the cruelty of a sire

A series of unfortunate events was about to conspirer

A tantruming child all too knowing

Connived with a puck whos grin was growing

To a flower he flew with great speed

For only a drop was what they need

Though paths were separate in onset

Their solo tales would become a duet

For the child to King had decided to intervene

But three drop of love had made the forest into something obscene

The Queen had met a man made ass

For the band of fools had trespassed

There she stare with uncontrollable lust

When the rivals are met with magic unjust

From a chase to a duel

All parties sadly became fools

For the King had seen what he had induced

Decreed for the damage to be unintroduced

Though our Queen is angered by her unwilling seduction

She gives in to the King’s absurd production

While the love birds are found in a glade at dawn

The court had no choice but to move on

Celebrations commenced for the lords and ladies of newlywed

Love’s tragedy performed by knuckleheads

As a departure for bed is under way in the moonbeams

A dream a dream a dream is all we can redeem

About comatosefox

Just a fox in a coma
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1 Response to A Creative Piece

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Fox.
    You’re right; it’s charming and sweet.
    Also, it was written to be PERFORMED out loud, not read silently to oneself.
    I would particularly like hearing the line:
    “Love’s tragedy performed by knuckleheads”

    I truly enjoyed our semester together and the conversations we had about your thesis.
    Remember, as your “Professor-for-Life,” I’m available to you forever if I can ever help you with any sort of writing you’re called upon to do.


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