My Hypothesis- Spaghettitacosforthesoul

  1. Environment
  2. Negative impacts to the environment.
  3. Pollution is a leading cause to the negative impacts of the environment.
  4. A healthy vegetarian can damage the environment.
  5. The choice to convert to a vegetarian diet can negatively impact the environment because mass production of popular healthy foods, contributing overall pollution.
  6. The choice to convert to a vegetarian diet negatively impact the environment because of the mass production of popular healthy foods as a result of pollution, contributing to the death of millions.

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2 Responses to My Hypothesis- Spaghettitacosforthesoul

  1. davidbdale says:

    I like the themes here, SpaghettiTacos, but I don’t understand the claims.
    —Dozens of processes and activities contribute to pollution (even including Sound pollution and Light pollution), so blaming most or even much of it on the mass production of food will require some explanation.
    —Your first mention of a vegetarian diet says it will REVERSE the effects of pollution.
    —But your second mention of a vegetarian diet says it will NEGATIVELY IMPACT THE ENVIRONMENT.
    —I love the counterintuitivity of that setup, but I don’t see how you get there.
    —Are you suggesting that MASS PRODUCTION of VEGETABLES, FRUITS, AND GRAINS (the primary components of a vegetarian diet) will ADD TO POLLUTION?
    —Are you then concluding that Mass Production of produce will POLLUTE MORE than whatever methods we’re using now to feed ourselves?

    It’s the COMPARISON that makes me skeptical, Tacos.
    Mass production of food undoubtedly disturbs the land and contaminates groundwater with chemicals. But how does switching from animal protein (livestock production) to vegetables make things worse? Doesn’t producing chicken, pork and beef create a lot more pollution, use far more energy and more resources, etc? One more thing to consider. Vegetarians don’t benefit from the relatively pollution-free harvesting of seafood. So maybe in that instance vegetable production pollutes more than fishing.

    We’ll chat about this during our conference, Tacos, but do some research in advance to make our time together more productive.

    You can revise your Hypothesis in advance if you like. But whether you do or not, I expect you to respond to confirm your respect for the feedback process.


  2. spaghettitacosforthesoul says:

    Thank you, I’m probably going to revise it after the conference because I had a hard time trying to build up the idea I was going for. I already knew I wanted to write about the negative impact healthy food had on the environment. But it really only took me 3 steps to get to my final conclusion of vegetarianism is popular for its positive impact on the body and earth is actually causing harm to the environment. So I honestly used a lot of filler information to meet the requirement of the assignment. But I have a clear understanding of where I’m trying to go within my hypothesis.


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