Definition Rewrite- Alivewit55

The problem with Pluto is that is such a difficult object to categorize in our solar system. It is not a star because a star is a fixed object in space. It is not a meteor because a meteor is a small body of matter in outer space that enter’s a planets atmosphere. So then that means Pluto is a planet; a planet is a celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit around a star. Before 2006, this was considered to be a verified description of a planet. But with modern-day discoveries, advances in technology and new celestial bodies and objects being found, a new definition needed to be created. In comes the IAU’s definition of what a planet is.

First, a planet must orbit the sun (a star). Pluto does orbit the sun even though it takes longer for a full cycle than any other planet in the solar system, cross that quality out. Second, a planet must be round. Pluto does have enough atmospheric pressure that creates its spherical properties, check off that requirement. The third and final requirement is that a planet must “clear its neighborhood” of orbit, oh no there is the exception. Pluto is a member of the Kuiper Belt in our solar system, which includes many celestial bodies that share its characteristics. Of course due to this amended definition, Pluto was removed from its status as a planet and demoted to dwarf planet.

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