Visual Rewrite – Ziggy026

Upon seeing the opening clip of this advertisement viewers are met with an unidentified man putting on a pair of gloves. We are not sure what kind of room he is in, but it looks well managed and is well lit by sunlight. The man looks athletic and seems to be getting ready for exercise. Once viewers see this, they get insight into who he is as a person, as much as possible of course. When we see that he is athletic we can infer that he takes care of himself, values his health, and is determined. Next, we see him putting athletic shoes on. He has the correct materials for the job he is about to complete which shows that he is thorough and does not cut corners. We can see that he is left-handed because he has a relatively nice watch on his right hand, and we also see various bracelets on his opposite hand. The following clip shows him riding a stationary bike in the same well-lit room that the advertisement opened to. This clip does a good job at confirming the audience’s suspicions that this man is athletic. The camera quickly cuts to a clip of the man sitting on a couch facing the camera and speaking to it. He is sitting on a light-colored couch and there is an American flag hanging on a barrier behind him. The clip is very light and does not give the audience and dark feelings. It is a well-lit clip which invokes positive feelings. The man’s home looks clean and organized as does he. This clip is replaced by a static picture of the man outside of an aircraft in a military uniform showing the audience that he has served in some way. In the next clip he is once again speaking directly to the camera. The angle has changed, however, as he is in the middle of the shot and the flag is blurred behind him. The camera stays for a longer amount of time on the subject rather than the quick clip it was before. The camera pans across a picture of three people with another picture blurred in the background. We are not shown the full picture, but only the top of it. The camera angle then changes to a box with the words “In Loving Memory, Adam John Jachimiec”. There is a flag behind the box, and it can be assumed that this family member served as well and passed away. We are not sure if his passing is related to his service at this time. The angle quickly changes to the man, but his emotions have changed to melancholy rather than determined and eager. We can then see the man putting bullets into some sort of case with padding and protection. His hands are wrinkled, and he is placing the bullets very carefully into their respective compartments. His actions are deliberate, and his movements are very smooth and precise. The next clip shows him locking the case, which we can now see is a safe. The man is once again talking to the camera with the flag blurred in the background. The clip is cut off by the end text showing the words “Service Never Stops”. We can infer from this that the ad is about gun safety. 

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