Rebuttle Rewrite- peachesxo

Doctors make mistakes too

Doctors are human. They are trained for several years to make the right diagnosis and treat patients. It takes a very long amount of time for people to become doctors and with that comes stress. Years of handwork are being put into becoming a doctor; in result, when the doctors make a mistake, they feel guilty and make several apologies.

Doctors treat patients with good intentions and when they make a mistake, the doctors are in great distress.  Doctors never want anything bad to happen to their patients.  When these mistakes happen, the head of the hospital makes sure that these mistakes do not happen. They would clean the hospital or replace old equipment with new ones. The hospital does everything in their power to prevent mistakes from happening. However, mistakes do happen. Punishments should happen only in cases of negligence not mistakes that were not intentional. Doctors are people who want to care for others, not murder or make them sick.

There are extreme circumstances where doctors make mistakes. Nurses would change in the middle of surgery so it would become confusing. Some nurses do not understand what is going on which puts more pressure on the Doctors. Also the Nurse that diagnosed the patient would not be present during the surgery so now the Doctor does not know what exactly was the diagnosis. In the hospital, sometimes surgeons and doctors are behind schedule which makes things more complicated and stressful for them. A few mistakes are bound to happen.

Doctors should not be held accountable for their mistakes because they try to learn from them. Not all doctors stay quiet about their mistakes. The medical personnel tell the hospital about their mistakes and learn from them. The hospital in response tries to keep the medical environment clean of anything that will cause mistakes or confusion. Punishment should only go to the medical personnel who exhibits negligence and ill intentions.

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