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It seems counterintuitive that the majority of people defining the term ‘rape’ have been men. Todd Akin stated “Without a woman’s consent she could not conceive” meaning if a women is raped and becomes pregnant it was not actually rape. Dr. Lawson Tait thought that if a women wasn’t moving back or physically resisting it meant it was not rape. In his own words, “You cannot threat a moving needle.” And in an even earlier time the Code of Hummurabi stated that rape of a virgin was property damage to her father. These men all refer to rape assuming that it’s a women being raped. The men defining the term rape have not experienced rape themselves or even consider it possible that perhaps it is a man being raped, and not a women.
It seems counterintuitive that money can’t buy happiness. We constantly stress about money. Money is used to pay our bills, buy our food, put gas in our cars, and pay for our luxuries. Money is absolutely necessary to live, so why wouldn’t move of it make us happier? We would get to go on more vacations, live a more comfortable life, and not have to stress about our financial situation. When we have the means to live a more comfortable life, we have more time and energy to focus on the things that we can do to make us happy. We have money to vacation a lot and participate in things that make us feel good.
It seems counterintuitive that a drug addict would be supplied with needles. Vancouver is supplying drug addicts with clean needles in order to prevent the spread of disease. It seems unlikely that this is going to save lives. I think that it will further perpetuate drug use in the city. Clean, legal needles will, if anything, increase drug use among the people because it’s easier to access needles to do the drugs. They’re also allowing the drug use to happen by giving them a safe place to actually do the drugs without fear of being arrested. It seems that by allowing the drug use to happen and take place the drug problem in Vancouver will only grow to be more severe.

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