25 TUE APR 18

Class 25 TUE APR 18

The Portfolio Menu in the Sidebar

Revisions for Portfolio

  • You will need to show revision cycles for your Portfolio.
      • Choose a Short Argument (Definition, Causal, or Rebuttal)
      • Add it to the Feedback Please category
      • In a Reply below your chosen Argument, leave a detailed note describing the sort of feedback you require.
        • If you fail to leave detailed instructions, you will receive no feedback.

Professor Evaluations

As of today, I see no opportunity to request Student Evaluations in Banner. So, while the Department works out what to do about that, consider using the commercial website, “Rate My Professor” to castigate your beloved professor for his shortcomings.

Take Home Task


End-of-Semester Schedule

  • THU APR 20
    • The first draft of your 3000-word Research Position Paper will be due.
    • This is the compilation of your three short 1000-word arguments carefully combined into a single well-reasoned research paper that is the culmination of your semester’s work on a single hypothesis.)
  • TUE APR 25
    • Your Annotated Bibliography is due.
    • We will have reviewed its format and requirements on THU APR 20.
  • THU APR 27
    • Reflective Statements will be due, completing your Portfolio.
    • We’ll meet in person at our regular time to Verify your Portfolios for Completion and Compliance. When your Portfolio has been verified, you can schedule your Final Grade Conference.
  • Grade Conferences by Appointment, on Zoom
    • Conferences will be held on MON MAY 01, TUE MAY 02, WED MAY 03
  • Only 4 classes remain.
    • Including today’s.
    • Your Drop Dead Portfolio Deadline is less than two weeks away.
  • If you’ve been keeping up.
    • By now you have posted your 3 short arguments (Definition, Causal, and Rebuttal)
    • You have a robust White Paper with purposeful summaries of 10-15 mostly academic sources ready to export to your Annotated Bibliography.
    • You’ll have no trouble posting the first draft of your Research Position Paper by THU APR 20.
    • Well, maybe a little trouble, but you’ll manage a decent first draft.
  • There are no deadlines for your Short Paper Rewrites.
    • But when your Portfolio is complete and Verified, on THU APR 27, it will have to include TWO of your THREE short arguments and their Rewrites (Definition/Causal/Rebuttal). You choose which two.

Portfolio Tasks

APA Style Review

Revision Examples


Taking helmets out of football is a very counterintuitive idea itself.

Taking helmets out of football is counterintuitive.

It may seem as if this will hurt the players, but in fact it will help protect the players.

Playing unprotected will help players, not hurt them. 

No helmets will make keep players from taking risky, hard hits, and cause them to have more caution when playing the game.

Playing bareheaded will keep players from tackling head-first, sparing them from head, neck, and brain injuries.

They all will be protected from severe concussions, spinal cord injuries, and developing CTE later in life.

They will be protected from severe concussions, spinal cord injuries, and late-developing CTEs.

There is however, some opposition to this counterintuitive idea.

There is, however, some opposition to this counterintuitive idea.

Many people feel as if there would be no change to the amount of head injuries sustained in a football game.

Many people feel there would be no reduction to the number of head injuries sustained in a football game.

They feel as if players will still hit hard, and make risky plays.

They feel players will still hit hard and make risky plays.

Today football helmets are evolving more and more everyday.

Football helmets are evolving.

Risk compensation is when protective equipment prompts individuals to act more aggressively which increases the potential for injury.

“Risk compensation” is the tendency of players to risk injury through reckless play when equipment upgrades make them feel invulnerable.

If you give an individual better protective equipment, they are going to have an increase in aggression, causing more injuries.

More-protective equipment encourages reckless play, causing more injuries.

Helmets may have been upgraded, and made to absorb hits, but they still do the same damage.

Resources for Improving your Work before Portfolio

23 Responses to 25 TUE APR 18

  1. pinkmonkey32 says:

    – Go check your portfolio and make sure you have items that are done in the portfolio.
    – Pick your 2 best short arguments to put in your portfolio and leave the other one out.
    – Your rewrites must have real revisions and not just grammatical changes. You need to show revisions on 2 of your short arguments.
    – Professor Evaluations: Go on and leave your reviews on your professors. ( there is a link to rate my professor)
    – A trick to use to separate Affect and Effect is if you need a noun use effect if you need a verb use affect
    – The rest of the semester we are fine tuning our work
    – Check your portfolio arguments for “you”, you need to be removed from all short arguments and shouldn’t be in your research paper.
    – In your papers you should be using ours, we, and us
    – Start a post called enough about you and your username and rephrase the 11 enough about you phrases to exclude the would you.
    – Research paper due April 20th
    – Annotated Bibliography due April 25th
    – Reflective statement due April 27th
    – Portfolio handed in April 27th as well and then you may schedule your last confrence.


  2. queenrandom04 says:

    David told us that we have to tell him what feedback we want on our essays or he won’t respond. I learned that effect is a noun and affect is a verb. In order to learn to recognize possessive mistakes we went over a student’s paragraph. To make sure we really had a grip on grammar we edited a paragraph that had the 14 grammar mistakes we had to recognize and correct. To make sure we’re on track we went over the schedule for the rest of the semester.


  3. giants19 says:

    -Today, class began with us reviewing little things that we can do to improve our rewrites.
    – Because = the meaning for something. Don’t use “the reason” and because in the same sentence. It’s redundant.
    – Then we partook in an exercise called “Fix the Possessive”, which had us fixing incorrect words by turning them plural or making them no longer plural.
    – We then reviewed a grammar exercise that can help us practice preventing the 9 ways that we can fail for grammar.
    – General rule – It is important to note that often times in our writing it is possible to completely ignore mentioning a specific gender at all, and saying they rather than he or she is probably a good idea, because in most cases, we do not know specifically whether our reader will be a boy or a girl
    – We then participated in an In-Class Exercise where we were tasked with removing second person phrases from a piece of text and turning it into an acceptable piece of writing.


  4. oatmealvibes says:

    Your portfolio is in the sidebar.

    Revisions for portfolio: If you have no requested feedback on at least 2 short arguments, make sure you do for your rewrite!

    Professor evaluations: Rate my professor is a way to rate the Professor on his class. (I think this class is great professor!)

    Exercise: Enough about you

    – Eliminate 2nd person. You, your, yours, yourself, and yourselves are something that is to be avoided in your writing and could fail a paper. It’s not a bridge builder between yourself and the reader. Using we or us eliminates alienating our readers.

    End of semester: The 3 most upcoming assignments due are the 3000-word essay due April 20th, Annotated bibliography due April 25th, and the self-reflection statement due April 27th.

    Annotated bibliography model: Professor has a model for our annotated bibliography. He would prefer the link to be linked into the article name such as in the model “Wrongful Convictions: The American Experience.”


  5. fulcrum66 says:

    There will only be two papers in our portfolio and we get to choose which ones will be in there.

    Effect: Noun/ Every cause has an effect
    Affect: Verb/ The cold affects me

    Because means “for the reason that”/ you do not need to say in your writing “the reason I got wet is because” this is incorrect and the way to fix this is by using because only.

    Schedule a grade conference via zoom appointment

    The reflective statement will conclude our portfolio

    Portfolio will be complete but not finished, we can change it until the professor grades it


  6. rowanstudent6 says:

    -Put Definition and Causal in portfolio, leave rebuttal out
    -Revise arguments and then ask for further feedback
    -For possessive plurals, put the plural such as “dogs” then put the apostrophe and s, so that it becomes “dogs’s” and then
    -Do not use “his or her” more than twice in an essay
    -Do not use “you” or “your” or “you’re” in academic papers
    -Give specific and clear ways in which you used an article in your annotated bibliography
    -Put claims in annotated bibliography


  7. sinatraman17 says:

    Fails for Grammar:
    -Effect=Noun, Affect=Verb
    -Everybody, Everyone, Everything = SINGULAR

    But Enough About You:
    -Don’t be preachy, don’t write an attack on “YOU”, the reader.
    -“our” or “we” bridges the gap, says to the reader “let’s talk”.

    Annotated Bibliography:
    -Take sources used in the research paper and detail their background & how you used each one.


  8. saycheese03 says:

    Only two of the short papers will be going into the portfolio. We get to choose which two we would like to go into our portfolio.

    Affect/Effect- Affect: verb the cold affects me/ Effect: noun- for every cause, there’s an effect

    Because means “for the reason that” saying “the reason I got wet is because” is wrong to fix this redundancy replace because with the reason is or replace that with because.

    Fix the possessives: it means it is. Forming plurals- form the plural first and then put the ‘s

    A reflective statement completes the portfolio.

    final grade conferences are May 1st – May 3rd

    the portfolio should be complete but not finished- we can grade until the professor finishes grading.


  9. tristanb50 says:

    Portfolio Requirements:
    -includes 2 essays and their rewrites, as well as the visual rewrite
    -the 2 essays in the portfolio must have received feedback at some point
    -submit student evaluations

    -nouns can be modified/limited by articles
    -you cannot write “an affect”
    -because = for the reason
    -apostrophes are only written on possessives
    -it’s = it is, not possessive
    -eliminate 2nd person language in the final portfolio arguments
    -we/our is bridgebuilding language
    -you/your means “lets talk”
    -Research Position Paper is rewrites of 3 combined and formatted into one

    Annotated Bibliography:
    Proves your actually read an article
    Gives your reader an idea for further research
    -sources include access date


  10. clevelandbrown03 says:

    Today we talked about proper grammar, and how to sound more inclusive when writing essays. We also talked about the remaining assignments and how to Annotate a bibliography.


  11. Shazammm says:

    Professor Hodges can conduct zooms for anyone who cannot attend class.

    There is a portfolio menu in the sidebar. Look at it if you are ensure whether or not you are keeping up with class material. Also ask for specific feedback so that you are one of the first people in line for feedback.

    The portfolio is due soon. You got to show revisions on two short arguments.

    File out a rate my professor report for Professor Hodges.

    Effect is a noun and Affect is a verb. Effect: The cold has no effect on me. Affect: The cold does not affect me.

    Look at grammar rules at the top of the page if you need assistance.

    We are getting used to using plural language when describing gender. However, not in academic language. So we have to use singular language.

    If you are going to pronounce something in a specific way, you got to write it in that specific way. “In Fox News’ opinion piece…” If you are going to pronounce it as “news’s,” write it as “news’s.”

    Avoid using “you” in your writing. Use terms like “we” and “our” to turn your writing into a collaborative learning effort with your readers.

    Avoid using “one” as a pronoun. It is not specific enough.

    On Thursday, your 3,000 word position paper is due. It is a compilation of your three short arguments.

    Annotated bibliography is due on April 25th.

    Reflective statement is due April 27th.


  12. pinkheart84 says:

    Ask for something more specific than just feedback.
    The portfolio is coming, you need to show revisions and feedback on arguments.
    If you don’t put detailed instructions you will receive no feedback.
    The first draft of the 3000-word Research Position Paper will be due this Thursday.
    Annotated Bibliography is due April 25.
    Reflective Statements are due April 27.
    Conferences are held on May 1, May 2, and May 3.
    White Paper with purposeful summaries needs 15 sources.
    Affect is a verb; effect is a noun.
    The last class is next Thursday.


  13. sunflower0311 says:

    – When it comes to feedback do not forget to comment on it about specifically what kind of feedback you are looking for so that you can be added to the top of the list.
    – For your portfolio You need to show revisions this means you will need feedback from your professor and your rewrite will need to be very different from the original.
    – Feel free to rate your professor
    – Review “fails for grammar” and make sure you go back through your papers and fix your grammar.

    – Affect is a verb “The cold does not affect me.” whereas an effect is a noun “The cold has no effect on me.”
    – because means for the reason that. Do not use “The reason is because” that is redundant.
    – Create a post for grammar errors and enough about you and do the task

    – April 20th: First draft of 3,00o word essay due
    – Be very specific in what kind of feedback you want given how big the essay is. (Ask for grammar, etc.)
    – April 25th: Annotated Bibliography Due
    – April 27th: Reflective Statements due

    * The sooner you get stuff done and put it in feedback please the more likely you are to get feedback!!!!


  14. sortableelms says:

    Add it to the Feedback Please category, In a Reply below your chosen piece, leave a note describing the sort of feedback.
    Affect is the verb and Effect is the noun
    Affect: The cold does not affect me.
    Effect: The cold has no effect on me.
    Because = for the reason that.
    If you’re going to speak something then write it as well (News’ vs News’s)

    Exercises: Enough About You & Grammar Exercise

    ***DUE DATES***
    THU APR 20: The first draft of your 3000-word Research Position Paper will be due.
    TUE APR 25: Your Annotated Bibliography is due.
    THU APR 27: Reflective Statements will be due, completing your Portfolio.
    Grade Conferences by Appointment, on Zoom: Conferences will be held on MON MAY 01, TUE MAY 02, WED MAY 03
    There are no deadlines for your Short Paper Rewrites.: Portfolio is complete and Verified, on THU APR 27, it will have to include TWO of your THREE short arguments and their Rewrites (Definition/Causal/Rebuttal). You are to choose which two.


  15. mellowtacos says:

    Submit your work to portfolio
    Both your original and your rewrite is due in your portfolio

    If you want your work prioritized, be specific about what feedback you want! Leave a comment!
    This late in the semester post with no comment will not get feedback

    Go to rate my professor and leave a comment

    Rule 9:
    Difference between Affect and Effect

    Affect – verb (action word)
    Effect- noun (a person place or thing

    Affect: The cold does not affect me. Affect is a verb.
    Effect: The cold has no effect on me. Effect is a noun.

    Rule 3:
    Because means for the reason that

    You do not say “the reason is because”
    —That is repetitive

    **You either say because OR for the reason that**

    When to you an apostrophe

    “As seen in Fox News’ opinion piece”

    You would read that as “As seen in Fox News’s opinion piece”
    So change it. Write it how you say it

    “The boys section”
    Its plural but you need to make it possessive
    You wouldn’t say boys’s
    Rule: if it sounds stupid drop the second s
    It should now be
    “The boys’ section”

    There are rules for different types of literature

    *never use “you” in your writing

    Professor like plural first person if trying to use first person
    *use “we”

    WRONG: Money seems to have a big role in our society; YOU can’t do much or get far if YOU don’t have any.

    RIGHT: Money seems to have a big role in our society; WE can’t do much or get far if WE don’t have any.

    **do not use “one” to address someone and try to eliminate pronouns when you can
    — you can replace pronouns with nouns

    All 14 grammar mistakes are in the paragraph
    —-fix all of them and leave a comment

    The first draft of your 3000 word essay is due
    —make sure you make your 3 essays flow nicely together
    — edit white paper

    Annotated bibliography is due

    Reflective Statements will be due, completing your Portfolio.


  16. g00dsoup says:

    Be sure to keep your portfolio up to date and to ask for feedback on assignments
    To put yourself on top of the queue, leave a question on what type of feedback you’d like.

    Fails for Grammar: We went over Rule 9: Affect/Effect
    Affect is a verb, effect is a noun.
    We also went over Rule 3: The reason is because
    Because means for the reason that.

    Be sure to complete the Grammar Basics and Enough About You assignment (as per the agenda: make a new post with the corrections listed)

    End of Semester Schedule Review:

    4.20.23: first draft of 3000 Research Position Paper is due

    04.25.23: Annotated Bibliography is due

    04.27.23: Reflective Statement is due
    This assignment will complete the portfolio
    Portfolio double check will be during this class
    Once our portfolio has been reviewed and verified, we then can schedule a final grade Zoom conference

    Final grade conferences will go from 05.01.23-05.03.23

    We reviewed the formatting for the Annotated Bibliography.
    -List the name of the article/link you used (with date of publication and date you accessed the article)
    – Background of the article you used
    -Write how you utilized the article


  17. fatjoe000 says:

    -For the portfolio you will need to show revisions
    -Nouns can be modified by articles
    -Because means for the reason that
    -When you can make things elegantly brief do it
    -If you’re having trouble with the gender of your pronouns change to plurals
    -If it sounds stupid get rid of it, when referring to something when you pronounce two s’s
    ^”In fox News’s opinion piece” vs “The boys’ section”
    -We do not use “you” in academic writing
    -We want to engage our readers in conversation in finding the truth
    -You can avoid you by using first person plural, like “our” and “we”


  18. doglover846 says:

    – Portfolio
    -Research Position Paper due April 20th.
    – Make specific feedback comments
    – Include two essays and their revisions
    – Please remind yourself to respond to the feedback
    – Grammer
    – know when to use affect and effect, affect= verb, effect = noun
    – Try not to be gender specific
    – Finish the Fix the Possessives
    – Enough About You
    – Try to eliminate you, your, yours
    – Tuesday April 25- Annotated Bibliography due
    – Thursday April 27- Reflective Statements due
    – Annotated Bibliography
    – Take the sources you used and describe the background of each one.


  19. gobirds115 says:

    Class Notes 4/18:

    -Put 2 short arguments into your portfolio and leave out one
    – After you make revisions on your arguments, ask for feedback another time
    – Grammar: For plurals, using the word “cat” as an example, the plural is cats. The possessive is cat’s
    – Do not use the words his or her more than 2 times throughout your paper
    – Don’t use second person POV in academic writing
    – Annotated Bibliography: define how your articles were used in the annotated bibliography and add your claims to the annotated bibliography as well.


  20. Water says:

    Today’s lecture opened with guides to better grammar and look out for future grammar mistakes and how you should know the difference between nouns and verbs. The examples used were effect and affect, effect is a noun and affect is a verb. Professor evaluations should be complete to give a review of what you felt and understood throughout the class, It’s to give advice and let the professor know what to improve or continue doing. Eliminating 2nd person, you need to know what kind of pronouns belong in certain sentences or when you should use other words. The reflective statement is what finishes the portfolio


  21. chickennugget246 says:

    The Portfolio Menu in the Sidebar: we have to put our posts under our personal portfolio category.

    We are strongly encouraged to say what specific feedback we would like because it would help to better achieve the goal of feedback in order for the professor to give us the advice we were hoping for. We can add a comment below our own post if it has been awhile since we have received feedback, if we asked for it.

    We will need to show revision cycles for our portfolio. We have to show revisions to our arguments in our final portfolio because we have to demonstrate that we met the revisions requirement.

    “If I had only six months to live, I would want it to be spent in your class because it would feel like an eternity.” – this is a comment from a student under the professor evaluations who commented on Rate My Professor. We can go to Rate My Professor and write a comment for Professor Hodges.

    Rule 9: Affect/Effect – we say cause and effect. For every cause there’s an effect.
    Cause (verb) / Effect (noun)
    Affect is a verb.
    Effect is a noun.
    Affectation is the noun form of the verb affect.

    Rule 3: The reason is because – “because” means “for the reason that” so do not use them in the same sentence because it does not make sense.

    When we are able to make sentences brief, we should.

    Rule 14: Subject/Verb Agreement – subjects must agree in number with their verbs. Most writers match nouns and verbs without difficulty.

    Eliminating pronouns is the best way possible to prevent pronoun disagreement.

    Write the word as you would say it. If you are going to say the second “s” then write it (ex: Fox News’s opinion piece). If the second “s” (after the apostrophe) does not sound right while saying the word out loud, then get rid of it (ex: boys’ section) (NOT: boys’s section).

    Eliminate 2nd Person – avoid “you” and use “we” instead.


  22. inspireangels says:

    Revisions for Portfolio:
    – show revisions for the short arguments

    Take Home Task:
    – Fails for Grammar: Effect = noun, Affect= verb
    – Plural and Possessive: Anytime you read your sentence a loud and it doesn’t sound
    right then it probably isn’t. Apostrophes are used if there is a possessive
    – Eliminate 2nd person language in your essays for your final portfolio

    Annotated Bibliography
    – summarize the resources used in your research and includes how these resources were useful to your research


  23. blueee04 says:

    Today, we first discussed what we should have in our portfolios. The end of the semester is getting close and It feels like all my classes are giving so many assignments now. There are a couple of things Im trying to catch up on before the end of this week.

    Then we discussed grammar and the difference between effect/affect. Ive always had some trouble with differentiating these two. Effect(noun) would be a cause and effect situation. Affect(verb) is if something has an affect on someone. We also learned that there are other words we could use in our writings instead of “you” or “your”, which would be “we” or “our.”


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