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SpookyGhost – Purposeful summaries The Truth About 400/800 Training It seems counterintuitive that high speed athletes train at high mileage. However the middle-distance events (400 600 800) require high speed, and a strong aerobic system to maintain those high … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-SpookyGhost

training for middle distance runners multiple approaches to training for middle distance runners lack of balance between speed and mileage effecting the performance of a middle distance runner The required balance of the aerobic and anaerobic training required for success … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – SpookyGhost

Polio will never cease to exist so long people who thwart anti-polio efforts do exist. Despite the best efforts of organization working to eradicate Polio, terrorism in Nigeria, and vaccine rumors results in major setbacks among operations to rid of … Continue reading

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