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Section 14 Kateri’s full-time job—as a VA nurse, actually—she could no longer manage his emotional plus physical problems: rheumatism consults, neuro consults for TBI, plus a burning rash on both feet he got in Fallujah in 2004.  Chemical exposure, stress reaction, … Continue reading

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Money is weird When I first read this assignment I didn’t quite understand what was meant by “Stone Money” but now that I have researched and read, I have a better understanding. I never thought about it but money has … Continue reading

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It seems counterintuitive that the way a person parts their hair affects the way their personality develops but that’s exactly what it does. When parting your hair to the left it calls attention to that side which is associated with … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis: I will be researching how money can change a persons behavior and cause others to be treated unfair. Source #1 – Merely activating the concept of money changes personal and interpersonal behavior Background: This article explains how money … Continue reading

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