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White Paper – music0392

Hypothesis: TikTok is improving popular music rather than degrading it with its trends. I will be researching how TikTok allows multiple styles of music and smaller artists to flourish where they couldn’t on radio. Source 1:  Background: This article … Continue reading

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CREDIBILITY CLAIM: This is a credibility claim because it gives credit to the person who made a claim.   “Hofstra professor Motta says, while a simple Google search [of the research] would tell you that the children of traumatized people have … Continue reading

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White Paper – anonymous9845

Working Hypothesis – In my paper, I will be researching why getting rid of letter grades will improve student engagement, learning, and confidence. I’ll mainly focus my research to studies and schools that might have already made this switch. Source … Continue reading

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White Paper – cherries267

Working Hypothesis – For my research paper i will be researching why certain mental and physical illnesses have the option of assisted suicide and others don’t. My research will be in what medical professionals believe is valid for assisted suicide … Continue reading

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Claims – SortableElms

Section 11 “Brannan gave the packet to Katie’s kindergarten teacher, but thinks the teacher just saw it as an excuse for bad behavior. Last fall, she switched Katie to a different school, where she hopes more understanding will lead to … Continue reading

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Claims – Anonymous123

Section 12

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PTSD Claims—FatJoe

Section 10 ‘“I would be too sad.”’ This is an attributive claim. Since the author is quoting this claim from another person, or attributing a claim to them, it is a attributive claim. ‘“I am now more hypervigilant than my … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims – philsfan1133

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Purposeful Summary – SortableElms

1. Figure skating judges get a 10 for duplicity It seems counterintuitive that judges in the Olympics would alternate scores based not on skill but on the country the athletes are from. The article Figure skating judges get a 10 … Continue reading

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