For my research essay, I will be discussing one of the most controversial topics right now, the legalization of marijuana, as well as the different stances on the issue. For example polls showed only 35 percent of Republicans support legalization, whereas 65 percent of Democrats support it. Many republicans are against the idea of legalizing marijuana because they don’t see any significant difference between marijuana and more intense drugs, such as heroine or cocaine. My goal is to show different views, the pro’s and con’s of legalizing marijuana throughout the united states, as well as promoting a solution to the controversy.


Background: This organization, “Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibiton”, was founded by a woman named Ann Lee. Anne is a republican who has always been against legalizing marijuana, until her son was in a horrible accident which left him in unbearable nerve pain, which marijuana helped get rid of. That being said, what Ann once saw as a gateway drug, soon became recognized to a legit form of medication.

How I’ll use it: I will use this website to show the perspective of a Republican who once had the same views as others, what changed her views, as well as what she has done about the legalization process so far.

Background: This article is actually based on the authors opinion on a conference where Republican Christopher Beach speaks about keeping marijuana illegal. The article basically touches base on the fact that not legalizing marijuana has not stopped the usage of it. It is still being used and sold regardless of the laws posed against it. But although its continued to be used incarceration has put a hold on usage in young teens.

How to use it: I will use this article to show how most Republicans view marijuana, and why they’re against is. Also, stats showing the change in america’s opinions towards the drug.

Background: This article speaks on a more detailed pro’s and con’s list on the legalization of marijuana. More so focusing on how the government can benefit from legalizing the drug for recreation use. On another note, it gives the perspective on how legalizing it can affect the addiction treatment community.

How to use it: I will compare all points made to my readers. By doing this I will show just how controversial this topic is, and the significance of how it may benefit some or may impact others negatively.

Background: This article is all about stats showing the opinions of citizens on the legalization process. There are graphs provided that shows results from surveys all the way back to 1969.

How to use it: Nothing will help me get my point across more than solid information, such as statistics. This whole article is based on surveys from the people, which will help me when trying to explaining their views.

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  1. ilovenas says:

    feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    I can’t really endorse this plan, ilovenas, as we briefly discussed. Legalization of marijuana is such a tired topic, and so completely argued out, that it’s impossible to say anything new and valuable about it. If you were ready to propose a unique solution BEFORE beginning your research, this idea might be worth pursuing, but one thing the world certainly does not need is another essay examining the pros and cons of the “controversy.” History has overtaken this topic, finally, and it seems a foregone conclusion that before long most states will have legalized the substance.

    The sources you have chosen present such a range of opinions and angles that it’s hard to imagine how you could use them to advance any particular argument. Seeing them, I worry that your plan will be to survey all the existing opinions, from both sides of the Legalize/Don’t Legalize divide, which does not amount to advancing and developing an argument of your own.

    Since our chat, have you investigated the long list of Counterintuitive Links I provided in the sidebar of the course blog looking for a more appropriate topic? Please say yes.

    Reply, please.


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