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The Liberals Are At It Once Again

Professors Indoctrinating Students with Liberalism

The fact that 72 percent of professors teaching at an American university are liberals and only 15 percent are conservatives is outrageous. Consequently, there is a high likelihood that teachers will bring liberal beliefs into the classroom. As a whole, that leaves professorates leaning far more to the left. While some professors persuade liberalism, others intentionally indoctrinate students. This affects our generation in many ways. Some examples are, teachers fail to adequately challenge liberal undergraduates which results in leaving many of them unprepared for the real world, and it leaves conservative students afraid to express their beliefs in the classroom because of the professor failing them for not conforming.

The Common Constitutionalist wrote the article, “Kids Need to be Taught Reality” where kids who are indoctrinated with liberalism are not prepared for the real world. Friendly competition is needed for children but when we look at the word “friendly,” it doesn’t mean everyone wins. Sports now-a-day give out trophies and ribbons for just showing up instead of honoring top achieving students. It promotes unhealthy competition if only one child were to get a trophy or ribbon. This affects us in the long run because students don’t learn from it. If children are given a trophy for showing up to an event, they’re not learning what they maybe did wrong but instead it’s like they’re being rewarded for not doing anything. If we gave a trophy to only the top achieving students, it would teach others to strive to be better so they can get a trophy next time. If students don’t have competition they are going to think they are the best and that there’s no need to improve themselves.

Bronson states in the article “Why competition can be healthy for kids” “If kids don’t learn to lose they’re going to feel entitled to win, they’re also going to make a connection that fear of losing is going to prevent them from taking the risk in the first place. And what kids do need to learn is losing is not that big a deal. They need to learn to lose and go ‘Oh, whatever,’ and move on and keep playing.” Not everything is going to be handed to us in life and we’re not always going to win. Take the loss and work on being better for next time.

Furthermore, kids grow up to not being able to cope with real world situations and essentially look for a scapegoat for everything. This is leaving people unprepared for real world challenges which relates back to kids that were indoctrinated with liberalism.

In today’s society, teachers are expected to have an unbiased view in the class. They are not supposed to share their beliefs. But many of times we see it still happening. If more teachers are liberals, there will be more liberal talk throughout the school and in the classrooms leaving students unable to preach their beliefs. If a professor believes in certain things and a student doesn’t it could cause problems in the classroom ultimately leaving the student to fail, fear of being failed or being inadequately challenged.

With the greater advantage of having a liberal teacher in an American university and one that is 3 times more liberal than normal liberals, students begin to hide their political views in the classroom with the fear that their professors will penalize them for having a different belief or potentially fail them. Many different beliefs are brought into the classroom that coincides with liberalism. For example teachers could be feminist, Marxism, atheism, anti-Christian and so much more. Teachers are indoctrinating students with their beliefs of what they feel is right and wrong.

David Pethick made a comment on the website “Quora” in regards to the question, “When people complain about left wing indoctrination in public schools, do they think right wing indoctrination would be better?” David talks about how schools should not have to decide on whether to be a conservative or liberal, but rather the students are able to learn basic skills and consider different ideas, opinions and beliefs. The school system should not indoctrinate students with neither left wing nor right wing, but instead be an unbiased place with no set belief.

In the article, “Admit it, American Colleges Do Indoctrinate Students” by Conor Friedersdorf, Obama wants all kids to go to college and wants them to all be indoctrinated. There are many Americans who see this as a good thing. But with many reasons to back it up, it’s not a good thing. Teachers are expected to keep their beliefs and ideas out of the classroom not teach them. The article also informs us that deliberate indoctrination usually occurs in higher education by staff, administrators, and classmates and not just professors.

The question, why there are so many Liberal teachers in American Universities seems to be asked a lot. Ryan Borek goes into detail in his comment on “Quora” in regards to the question, “Why are professors liberal.” Ryan gives us the 6 different reasons to why there are more liberal teachers and explains them. For starters, the first one is job descriptor characteristics. Being a professor is something that people with certain general traits strive towards. It just happens to be mostly liberal traits. Second, because being different is wrong. As stated before, liberal people just happened to already be Professors due to the simple fact that it calls to the same likes and wants. Also “liberals were willing to accept, hide, tolerate, etc. socially unacceptable conditions.” Third, professors are biased because their professors were biased. Basically people who were liberals wanted to be around other liberals. This lead to two very distinct issues arising. First, “I am a Liberal, and I see my teacher saying Liberal things. Now, I want to be a teacher too.” Or, “I am not a Liberal. My teacher says Liberal things. Now I am a Liberal, and want to be a teacher too.” Fourth, the job of “professor” is politically typecast as a liberal position. “When you think of a Professor, do you think of them as Liberals? If so, and you are a Liberal, do you want to go be taught by them? Do you want to be them?” Fifth, “Viet NAM.” Students who were not fighting in the war were wearing flowers around the campuses and the teachers began preaching to the choir. Liberalism became popular among students as well as professors which encouraged teachers to teach more liberally. And finally, it’s only humanities anyway. Most liberals are teaching humanities and only in humanities do we see outrageous amounts of liberals.

Conservatives on the other hand, are being silenced by liberals especially in schools and universities. Dana R. Casey makes a reference in her article, “Conservative Ideas Have no Voice in Education” of how conservatives have as much as say as a prisoner of war. One student at Swarthmore University stated in an interview that the ideas of a conservative individual should not be mentioned at a liberal arts college and those ideas that agree towards hers are acceptable. This is stated because she feels as though conservatism is the dominant belief and people should not conform to this. In a true liberal arts college, the objective is to find the truth within an argument by closely observing all sides, yet this student refuses to allow certain views in, thus making her argument not a true liberal arts belief. These ideas have come from her indoctrination at this school, and come from the professors that have fed these views to her. Liberal indoctrination is being forced into the classrooms through revised curriculum and policies.

Many students fear their liberal professors as well as failing the class due to not conforming, but not many speak up or even dare try to. The article “Professor Fails Student for Refusing to Conform to His Anti-Christian Bias” by Dr. Susan Berry is an example of a student stepping up and not allowing her teacher to indoctrinate her with liberalism and tells a story about Grace Lewis, a student at Polk State College where her teacher gave her 4 consecutive 0’s on assignments for not conforming to his beliefs.

Grace took a chance on this online humanities class and went against what Professor Russums’ beliefs were. He had an anti-Christian perspective with his lectures and homework assignments that Grace didn’t agree with. When Grace confronted the professor on the phone about how she felt, Professor Russum was “angry because he took his personal time away from his family to speak with her, only to be disrespected by her disagreement with him.”

When Grace and her mother tried to seek help from the dean of college, Donald Painter, after Professor Russum wanted Grace to drop the class, they got no help from Painter. Painter reviewed the class and saw nothing wrong with the way Professor Russum was teaching the course but instead blamed Grace for possibly not being mature enough to take the class. “I have reviewed the materials in Professor Russum’s HUM 2020 – 57094 course and believe them to be appropriate based on the course description and learning outcomes. Further, I found nothing derogatory or defamatory toward any group of people.”

With nowhere else to go, Grace and her mother contacted Liberty Counsel, an international nonprofit litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life and family. The Liberty Counsel captured screenshots of Professor Russum’s now deleted Facebook page showing inappropriate pictures and sayings. As Matthew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel stated, “Russum’s behavior amounts to “abuse of students. This has nothing to do with teaching, the professor is using his position of superiority to abuse students and this has no place in a college.” Grace was punished because she refused to agree with Russum’s anti-Christian perspective and worldviews of Marxism, atheism, feminism, and homosexuality. Liberty Counsel demanded that Professor Russum’s course context and his behavior’s be evaluated, Grace’s papers be graded by another professor, an apology letter to Grace, and assurance that Professor Russum’s future classes be “free from such unlawful discrimination.”

Another big thing is the fact that students feel their professors are brainwashing them into being a liberal. Nathan Ketsdever Posted a comment on the website “Quora” in response to “Does the American college system brainwash students towards liberalism.” Nathan talks about how professors are brainwashing their students with liberalism. He discusses how being exposed to diversity, literature, and the arts is more likely to liberalize one’s viewpoint. If teachers express these things more to a class it’s almost like they are brainwashing the students. On top of that, this also connects back with students fear being failed for not conforming because they don’t want to go against what the teacher has to say. Thus brainwashing the students because they have to sit through the lecture and agree with the professor to pass the class.

Overall, professors continue to indoctrinate students with liberalism and while some of us try to fight it, most students won’t. It’s still a problem in today’s society and it’s still getting worse. With the ever growing percentage of liberal professors in American universities, more and more students are being indoctrinated. Conservatives need to step up and voice out their opinions and take down these liberal professors. If the conservatives don’t, then this will continue and cause more problems. One conservative at a time speaking up and we can make a difference slowly but surely.


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