Rebuttal Exercise- vicarij0

Last Chance for Animals

Ag Gag is a state level legislation projected at punishing whistleblowers on farms with mass amounts of animals throughout the U.S.A. However there are many dangers with Ag Gag. For instance, the animal’s welfare is being jeopardies in factory farms because they are constantly being mistreated and physically abused by the workers. Undercover investigations need to be done on these farms because illegal animals cruelty is still going on and will remain unless the workers are caught in the act. Of course there is also food safety risks because when the animals are mishandled their meat and their byproducts can lead to serious health risks like antibiotic- resistant strains of salmonella and staph. I think the Ag Gag movement is terrible because this is just a way for factory farms to hide the abuse and horrific conditions happening in these factory farms.

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  1. vicarij0 says:

    Feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    You’re making things a little tough on yourself, vicarij0, choosing the exercise for which the instructions are complicated and require referring to several posts.

    First, the agenda for the lab class you missed:
    The Agenda for FRI NOV 06, a day we were in the lab and everyone had access to a desktop computer, contains links to six articles, 3 supportive of Ag-Gag laws, 3 antagonistic to Ag-Gag laws. The Assignment was to choose small claims from 2 of the Supportive and 2 of the Antagonistic articles and refute them directly with skills learned in a second post:

    Then, the lecture material from the Wednesday class you missed:
    During the Wednesday class, we examined the Rebuttal Exercise post that closely investigated an article from the New York Times criticizing nuclear power. In that post, we studied many named types of rebuttals and practiced using them on the article.

    To do the exercise well, you’ll need to read the article on nuclear power and the post on rebuttal types, then find claims in two of the “ag-gag supportive” articles and two of the “ag-gag antagonistic” articles.

    A link to the page of completed exercises your classmates posted:
    Notice, they all start by identifying which articles they took their claims from, then they quote the claims, then they refute the claims using common rebuttal techniques.

    You should be spending your time on your own research paper instead of exercises that don’t become part of your Portfolio.


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