E04 Critical reading

But she’s got a warrior’s skills: hyperawareness, hypervigilance, adrenaline-sharp quick-scanning for danger, for triggers.

  1. Caleb Vines is the husband who has been to war and now has PTSD.
  2. ”Brennan Vines has never been to war but she’s got a warrior’s skills”. Some of Brennan actions and emotions are like a veteran.
  3. From Brennan being around her husband for so long she has been diagnosed with PTSD.

Is PTSD contagious?

  1. PTSD can come from someone who already has PTSD.
  2. You can pick up their habits without you even realizing it.
  3. Some spouses start to develop their own PTSD. From being so close to one another you will start to pick up their actions and emotions.
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