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6 Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Background: This article discusses the benefits of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). Not only does it discuss the physical benefits that it provides but it also improves brain functions like memory and mood.

How I Intend to use it: I intend to use this source as an introduction to performance enhancements in my paper. I believe that TRT is a useful alternative to steroids because it’s something that already is in the players. I believe that monitoring Testosterone levels of the players, setting a league wide level for testosterone and using TRT to level players could be a way to increase muscle function and improve player health.

Epidemiology and Impact of Abdominal Oblique Injuries in Major and Minor League Baseball

Background: This article is full of research and statistics on oblique/abdominal injuries in professional baseball. The article goes in depth on different types of injuries, different methods of treatments, recovery times, and lots of useful information on the obliques/abdominal functions.

How I Intend to use it: The statistics in this article show that oblique/intercostal/abdominal injuries are the leading injuries for missed time. They also show that in the some methods of rehab/recovery, injections are used but the effectiveness isn’t very prominent. However, they stress that core and trunk strengthening works in prevention of these injuries. So using this information I’d position the argument that regulated and proper use of PED’s/steroids would serve as a tool to help strengthen the core/trunk at a higher rate and also serve as a rehab tool to speed up recovery.**I will find another source that on effective PED’s for core/trunks to buddy with this one, just haven’t gotten there yet**

Recurrent hamstring muscle injury: applying the limited evidence in the professional football setting with a seven-point programme

Background: This article discusses different types of hamstring injuries suffered particularly in football. The emphasis of the article is on the different methods of rehab and treatments for hamstring injuries. Some methods they mention are physical therapy/strengthening, biomechanics assessment, injections, etc.

How I Intend to use it: There is a small part in this article that mentions the effectiveness of epidural steroids for Hamstring injuries and lumbar spinal injuries. This part of the article mentions the almost immediate effectiveness of the epidural steroid following the injection. This would be worth mentioning in my paper, maybe not a huge source to focus on but definitely something worth touching on because it supports my argument of a steroid being used for healing.

Androgenic anabolic steroid-induced liver injury: two case reports assessed for causality by the updated Roussel Uclaf Causality Assessment Method (RUCAM) score and a comprehensive review of the literature

Background: This article examines multiple different people who have or reportedly used Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS) and their current health status. They mainly focus on the effects of AAS on the liver. They claim that mis management of AAS can lead to drug induced liver injury (DILI). There is plenty of research and statistics within their article to back this up.

How I Intend to use it: I intend to use this article as a counter argument to what I’m proposing. I have to address the possible threats that certain types of PED’s like AAS can pose and show awareness. In doing this, it allows my proposal to be more justified due to the fact that I’m addressing potential concern while still conveying my argument.


“MLB steroid suspensions (2005-2022).”

Background: This source has a list of every player suspended from PED’s since the year 2005.

How I used it: I used the statistics given in this source to give insight to my readers on how many suspensions occur because of PED’s and how many games are missed. I also used them as for facts to help create a claim and reasoning.

What is Clostebol? the steroid Fernando Tatis Jr. took by accident and got him suspended

Background: This article was written after Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. tested positive for clostebol. Tatis claims he took the drug because his physician prescribed it to him to treat ringworm and that he had no intention of using it to enhance his performance. Tatis served an 80 game suspension as a result of his test.

How I used it: I used Tatis’ case as an example as to why the rules should change regarding banned substances and built an argument around it which included a solution to the problem of banned substance abuse/misuse.

Major League Baseball’s Minor League Drug Prevention And Treatment Program.

Background: This is just a list of every banned substance in MLB and each category of banned substances.

How I used it: I used this in my definition paper to set the parameters and define what I would be arguing. For instance I declared the substances that I believe should stay on the list and the ones that I believe don’t need to be on the list.

Bilirubin blood test

Background: This article goes through the details of how bilirubin is tested for in the blood. Things like the process, preparation, and results are all covered within this article

How I used it: I used this article to provide a baseline number for standard bilirubin levels to compare to the bilirubin levels in the young man in the article about AAS induced liver injury.

Alanine transaminase (ALT) blood test

Background: This article details how ALT is tested for in the blood. It covers the process of testing, preparation for the test, and the results to expect.

How I used it: I used this article as an example of what normal ALT numbers should look like compared to the young man in the article about AAS induced liver injury.

Major League Baseball rosters by average player age in 2022

Background: This article provides statistics of player ages around the league

How I used it: I used this article to compare the age of the average player to the young men in the article about AAS induced liver injury.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    CUT EVERYTHING above and below your sources and their descriptions.
    In other words, lose the Introduction, the Current State, and the Updates.

    I’m grateful for the hyperlinks to the sources, but you need to include the Bibliographic listing for your sources, too, so readers of your Bibliography will know the author, Title, publication, etc., before deciding to follow the link or not.

    For example, instead of “Should We Accept Steroid Use In Sports?,” we need to see the following. I’ve fixed it in your post in two ways.

    KATZ, J. (2008, January 23). NPR Choice page.


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