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Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels.


Core Value 1. My work demonstrates that I used a variety of social and interactive practices that involve recursive stages of exploration, discovery, conceptualization, and development. Insert here a 125-word explanation of how you met the goal. For a fuller … Continue reading

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Fix the Possessives

COPY AND PASTE THE PARAGRAPH INTO THE REPLY FIELD.FIX THE POSSESSIVES. Opposition to San Diego’s public transport has long been argued by legislator’s, mostly conservatives in congress. As seen in Fox News’ opinion piece, large news sources desperately try to … Continue reading

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2. 3.

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Workshop: Skincare Dilemma

The Dilemma of the Skincare World The cosmetic industry has been struggling to regulate harmful ingredients from the market in the past and even in the modern-day. Skincare items with dangerous ingredients should be identified as drugs due to their … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis—Jasrielle2

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Good Poem, Bad Essay

I’ve been having a nice conversation with one of your classmates, who likes and appreciates poetry, about a passion we share for the particular style(s) of writing known loosely as verse. We can all agree as a class that the … Continue reading

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How to Post to the Blog

This video runs 4 minutes. It’s based on the assignment: My Hypothesis, but the mechanics are the same for all posts. Posts will get different names, but names will always follow the same pattern:(Assignment Name—Username) You’ll post to different categories … Continue reading

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Never Quite Finished

Essays aren’t the only artworks that require several revisions and layering.

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Fair Warning II

Several of you have not been posting Portfolio Assignments to the blog anywhere near timely. Some of you, one class meeting from the end of the semester, have not posted a single Portfolio argument. There is no way for you … Continue reading

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Course Evaluations

Please help the Writing Arts Department determine my fitness for instruction by completing a brief evaluation of your experiences in this course. Check Banner for a reminder that you have a survey to answer, or check your student emails for … Continue reading

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