08 THU FEB 09

Class 08 THU FEB 09

Genius Hypothesis

How would you construct an experiment to test the Hypothesis “Bees Don’t Fly in the Dark”?

Too Late to Meme

First, you might need to know who Christopher Walken is. He has one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces. But it never occurred to me that he resembled a famous actress until I saw a particular image of him as a young man.

The first time I saw this image of Christopher Walken, I struggled to figure out who he reminded me of.

Christopher Walken

When it hit me that he resembled Scarlett Johanssen, I went looking for an appropriate image of her to build a meme.

And I found several.
But they’d already been paired to show the same resemblance I had noticed.

I was too late to be the first to build the meme. I have the same reaction when I go looking for sources to PROVE my hypothesis. If I find a source that claims exactly what I’ve been thinking, I’m disappointed that I wasn’t first. Now, what can I add to the conversation?

Back to the rabbit hole until I find something no one else has noticed.


Late again.


How to Avoid the Dark

Housekeeping—Feedback Please

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Powerful Rhetoric 1.

From the president of Colombia.

Powerful Rhetoric 2.

From Topher Grace in “Traffic”
Same message, different medium.

Claims Task

DEADLINE: Before Class WED FEB 16

First, review the “lecture” called “Claim Types.” You’ll want a quick review of some basic ways to categorize the dozens of ways we can transmit information, opinion, facts, in language.

The non-Portfolio PTSD Claims Task is a critical reading exercise of an assigned reading. It is designed to take less than two hours to complete and has a one-week deadline. The first part of the assignment is to read or listen to the article “Is PTSD Contagious?” The second part is to spend ONE HOUR selecting very short excerpts from the article and identifying the claims it contains.

Music in the Half Pipe

For an Olympic freeskier who also studied piano, running the half pipe is making music.


30 Responses to 08 THU FEB 09

  1. cocochanel715 says:

    As long as everyone values money, then it eliminates the problems of barring
    Why is money so simple, but to understand it is complex
    Provide enough background information, your reader has not listened to the podcast, they don’t understand the contents of the podcast
    To make a good essay you have to make the reader work just hard enough
    You can be wealthy without any tangible evidence of wealth


  2. lokiofasgard24 says:

    -examine cow and chips technique of writing
    -Money solves the problem of unfair or unwanted trades creating a better market
    -As long as everyone wants it, money will hold its value
    -Abstract concepts like owning land has a very confusing and nonsensical explanation
    -Answer the question; What is Money?, in Stone Money essay(or at least try)
    -The definition of worth can vary based on each person’s definition, either based on ownership or cash.
    -”Online money” begs a lot of questions that test its true validity
    -Provide information in your essay ,to support your claims, as if the reader has not done the same research as you (because they didn’t)
    -Make the reader draw the right conclusions based on your input and the research you tell them about
    -Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary surrounded by money
    -Market place determines the worth of something
    -essay note: marketplace can always be challenged through negotiation, proving that the people determine the value
    -write in a “explain then tell story” format. Tell them what you want them to think before you tell them a story.
    -stay away from rhetorical questions because sometimes the can be answered
    -if you ask a question, answer it immediately before the reader makes their own decision
    -the fact that dollar amounts do not represent gold anymore creates this question of what is money
    -find a good balance between in text citing and your personal explanation on any certain topic within an essay


  3. cfalover says:

    Our 1,000 word essay should contain a good amount of cows and chips
    As long as everyone values money, everybody will accept money (over peaches or shoes)
    Money replaces barter
    Utilize the shipwreck, stone tablets as big as the car, stone tablets with black crosses, and the labeled drawers in the gold vault in the essay
    Stone money is a definition/categorical argument because you are describing the concept of money and what money is
    How is money something that can sometimes not be seen?
    Job of a good essay: make the reader work just hard enough to find an understanding
    Rhetorical questions can show that you’re unsure about many things; do not use them unless you absolutely have to to get your point across
    Claims task should only take 1 hour (no more!) to complete and is due by next Monday


  4. friendoftacos says:

    Money solves the problem of bartering not working out to if the items do not line up in value. If everyone values money, money meets the standard of what everyone will accept. Money takes out the need of people having what each other wants in bartering.
    The job of good essay is to make a reader work just hard enough. If you’re going to introduce your readers to an argument first, you introduce and then you tell the story. You should tell someone what to think before the story before the reader reads it themselves. If the reader reads the story before your argument, they may develop their own opinions about the story that does not align with what you want to persuade your reader to think.


  5. littlecow24 says:

    -Anecdotes help to explain abstract concepts better so it makes more sense for many others. Your essay should have “cows and chips” to help the idea stick in the reader’s mind
    -Money can solve bartering because it can be used to pay the difference; you may think your item is worth more than what you want, so the other person in the barter can pay whatever you think the value is. Everybody will accept money and that replaces barter
    -Do you really own anything? A piece of paper tells you that you own something but how do we really know? The fact of ownership is very abstract
    -Stone Money is an essay about “what is money”, it shouldn’t be cause and effect
    -You aren’t a millionaire until you actually have that million dollars; if you have $1 mil in stock you aren’t a millionaire until you sell that stock, even if you first bought it for $100,000. You don’t have the title or actual money until you sell the stock, or something like bitcoin
    -Money works to replace barter because everybody wants it and values it
    -Your essay needs enough background information for the reader to better understand the materials you’ve read and listened to
    -The government regulates the currency and what that currency is actually worth; $5 is 5 $1’s, $10 is worth 10 $1’s, etc. They don’t control what you can actually buy with the money
    -Alert your reader of the point you’re going to make, and then describe. They can’t make their own conclusion if you have already put out your own
    -There should be a good balance between things used from your resources and things you leave out from your resources


  6. kingofcamp says:

    English Comp II Lecture Notes (9.28.21)
    Stone Money / Cows & Chips
    • Stone Money review
    o one, two, three method
    o do not convey personal feelings
    o 1000 words
    • Required 1- podcast
    • Required 2- 5 page article
    • Find essays/articles under Stone Money section
    • Read sample essay
    • Analyze the abstract idea of money
    • (You can) illustrate your own impressions but don’t convey your personal feelings about money
    • provide background information for readers
    • definition or classification essay
    • cite three sources
    o *all this information is on the website*
     read strawberryfields4 Stone Money essay to prompt us
    • observations:
    o strong claims
    o interesting anecdotes
    o good comparison
    o explained abstract ideas well
    o gave us “just enough”- not too much, and not enough
    o Define money to explain its peculiarity
    • Cows & Chips
    o E.g.- makes it easier to explain abstract concepts
    o What are some problems with bartering?
     unfair trade
     you might not have what someone wants
    o As long as everyone values money then it doesn’t matter what you want to buy since everyone already values money
    • Ownership is abstract
    • Avoid rhetorical questions (as best you can)
    o avoid the confusion

    Claims Task (due 10.4.21)
    • Non-portfolio task
    • 1 hour task (do not go over)
    • “The Nature of Claims”
    o different types of claims


  7. zzbrd2822 says:

    In class today, we discussed the upcoming assignments that are due, such as the Stone Money 1000-word essay. We then touched on the Cows and Chips resource for the Stone Money assignment. We explained how money solves the problems of barter, for example, everyone can get what they want. We don’t have to worry about both parties having what the other one wants, since everyone values money. We then talked about how anecdotes are more memorable in long pieces of work, such as an essay or the 1-hour broadcast. We discussed how the concept of ownership is very unclear, such as owning a house or buying a piece of land. If you trace back to how the land was claimed, it puts the idea of ownership into question. We also questioned what makes a millionaire. If you have a stock worth a million dollars, you are not a millionaire until you sell your stock and turn promises into money. We also went through the specifics of the Stone Money assignment, such as which resources to utilize, how much background information to include, and what to avoid. Lastly, we read through a student example of Stone Money and identified what the author did well.


  8. levixvice says:

    Class Notes: 9/28/2021: Anecdotes provide a better method to keep abstract concepts inside the mind like the barter exchange that trades items from both parties, but with the use of money would need value as whatever it is and stop the idea of who wants what and who doesn’t want. The ideas from the abstract concept images becoming anecdotes would be more recognizable as a figure of speech or on paper. Express the simple yet complex idea of money and its value for the economy that thrives on it. Money is needed which everyone wants but in their own currency. Provide background info, never make the 1000 word essay an impression piece from feelings, and don’t go into the definitions of money or any economic terms on the internet dictionary.


  9. Lunaduna says:

    9/28 Notes
    • Stone Money
    o Definition essay – explaining the meaning of money
    o 1000-word essay
    o Cite 3 sources – in APA style
    o Post in the blog – under Stone money & User

    • Bartering
    o Money can prevent problems.
    o Both partners do not need to have the exact material that the other person wants
     Only one
     If everyone values money – everybody will accept money
    • Example: peaches and shoes
    o Can you own land?
     Who gave it to you?
     How does the buying begin?

    • When I have something that’s worth a million dollars – I’m not a millionaire
    o I need to physically have the money – to be a millionaire
     Liquid assets
    • Good essay
    o Make the reader work hard enough
    o Make sure that you wright enough for the reader to understand
    • Government controls:
    o Currency – the value/worth of the paper (That a dollar is worth a dollar)
     If more dollar bills are in the system, it would be worth more
     How to determine what a dollar is worth: supply and demand
    • Add or remove dollars from the economy
    o $5 is worth 5 $1 dollar bills
    • Rhetorical questions
    o Do not use them unless you need to (Banned from the essay)
     Instead, make a bold claim


  10. toastedflatbread22 says:

    Abstract Concepts
    -Relating abstract concepts to real-world objects makes them easier to process
    -For example, if two people are trading shoes and peaches, why is money a good thing to use
    -Money ensures that everyone can get what they need without making any deals other than the idea that everyone values and wants money
    -Money is better than barter because it takes out the need for both parties to have something of value to trade
    -This way of explaining money and its relationship to the barter system makes it easier to picture than explaining it with big ideas
    -So how do we know that we own things? There is really no way to tell-its more of an unspoken rule that once you buy something, it belongs to you
    -But that prompts the question, what is money? Money is a mere concept.
    Stone Money Assignment
    -For the assignment, we need to explain the peculiarities of money and why we place such importance on it
    -One is not a millionaire until they own the money-just owning bitcoin or stocks does not equate to money until it is sold for currency
    -Money has to have an agreed upon need so that it holds value
    -Is money just credit? Most of the time, all we see is a number that represents money, but is that actual money??
    -In our essays we have to provide background information and persuasion about our conclusion in 1,000 words
    -The government only determines currency because they print the paper itself-the only way they determine the worth of it is by saying what the bills equate to ($1, $5, $10, etc.)
    -In the essay, tell the reader what to think-the pitch-and then describe the situation, do not describe first and trust the reader to get to the same conclusion
    -Don’t use rhetorical questions because it allows the reader to answer the question in their head before you can-otherwise, answer the question immediately after posing it


  11. minutemen14 says:

    Solutions that money solved
    -Money holds a standard of value so that we can be able to price items
    -As long as there is one thing to be accepted by all, then barter is not necessary
    -Value of items that would usually be bartered no longer have to line up in value.

    Examples From Invention of Money
    -Stone tablets as big as car
    -same tablets painted with black crosses
    -labeling of the drawers in the gold vaults

    Concept of Ownership is quite absurd. We often point out pieces of paper such as deeds to houses or physical objects. This makes it very abstract and the concept of ownership becomes quite foggy.

    Your point of view should be that your reader has not read or listened to stone money at all. You want to describe money without using the dictionary definition. What does it mean in society? What worth does it have to us? How is this value transferred?

    The government really has no control over the worth of money besides how much they print and the fact that one bill is worth x amount of another denomination. The worth can be determined by how much it can purchase in the market among a wide range of items.

    Difference between claim and argument. Fine line between the two. Distinguishing what a statement is important so that you get across what you’re intending to and not leaving thoughts open.


  12. ilovedunkinoverstarbucks says:

    Stone money:
    -Cows and chips
    -Explanation on abstract and how to make it easier to remember
    -Money solves barters problems by not having to trade an item of value and you can just hand over a form of money instead
    -As long as everyone values money then everyone will accept it
    -Objects of value in the invention of money
    -Stone tablets as big as a car
    -Same tablets painted with black crosses
    -Labeling of drawers in the gold vaults
    -Listen to NPR broadcast
    -Constantly ask yourself “what is money anyway?”
    -Read article “The island of stone money”
    -Find required and suggested reading under the stone money heading
    -Read the sample essay “crazy paper”
    -Analyze the abstract concept of money
    -Do not talk about your own opinions on the value of money in relationships
    -Provide enough background info as the readers do not know about the background material
    -Do not mention the dictionary definition
    -Government controls currency
    -They print it
    -They decide the value
    -Cite three sources
    -Including the NPR broadcast
    -Include reference section
    Claims Task:
    -1 hour
    -Nature of claims
    -Read article about PTSD


  13. imaspookyghost says:

    Not a lot of people actually listened to the broadcast assigned to the students. Yikes
    cows and chips
    – shorthand for adding specific tangible details to essays that are grappling with abstract concepts. value vs worth, value vs net worth,
    – make abstract concepts become easier to handle.
    – find a way to make your arguments physical
    – things that have inherent value are easier to understand.
    – corn has inherent value while a dollar bill does not
    – inherent value gives something value without its relationship to other things to have value.
    – any essay written that doesn’t consist of tangible objects is missing an important component.
    – the government doesn’t decide how much 1 dollar is worth but does decide how much another bill is worth based on how many 1 dollar bills it can buy you.
    bartering explained poorly.
    -essay is not to be an pression piece.
    -provide your reader with enough background information
    -figure out how much background information is required for your reader to understand.
    -definition or classification essay does not accept the dictionary definition.


  14. disneylover2002 says:

    Today in class, we first talked about Stone Money. We then talked about what assignments are coming up soon for us to do. The grading scale- 75% of work is portfolio work, 20% is non-portfolio work, and 5% is daily notes. We then talked about the Cows and Chips method, abstract concepts defined and described with abstract concepts. We want the readers to follow along with our detailed ling argument. The Cows and Chips method is similar to a barter system. Continuing, we talked about how our essays cannot be tp abstract. We cannot assume the people have heard about this topic before when writing. We also do not want to put too much information into the essay. We want enough information so that the reader knows what we are talking about. Also, we talked about the different things that will go into the stone money essay.


  15. frogs02 says:

    9/28 notes

    The 1,000 word essay based off of the Stone Money podcast is due Wednesday by 11:59 pm. 75% of your final grade is portfolio. Your non-portfolio is 20%. Your daily notes are 5% of your grade. The stone money argument is a response to the invention of money and the island of stone money. Cows and chips: abstract concepts defined and described with abstract terms are the sleeping pills of essay writing. A method of exchange that depends on a direct trading of items of value between traders both of whom want the other one has. The longer we hold onto the money, the less it is worth. Inflation is starting to be a problem. Utilize the shipwreck, stone tablets as big as the car, stone tablets with black crosses, and the labeled drawers in the gold vault in the essay. You must provide your readers with enough background information to understand your claims in the correct context. A definition or classification essay does not accept the dictionary definition as sufficient. Cite three sources. Use informal citation to cite your sources. Ten or more “suggested” sources are provided to expand your research and thinking, but you may also select your own. The job of the essay is to make sure the reader is working hard enough. Include a references section. Find the required and recommended sources in the sidebar in a section titled Stone Money.


  16. comatosefox says:

    three more 1000 word arguments; definition, causal, and rebuttal argument, for your 3000 word and rewrites
    a dollar needs too be compared to something in order to for itself to have value. anecdotes are important when writing to allow the reader to visualize.
    Talking about Stone Money Paper; Write as if the person may know nothing about the source, but don’t over share. Enough that they would understand why people used huge stones as currency.
    “Making your reader do just the right amount of work” give them what they need to understand what your trying to prove.
    watch/read the three sources for the paper, make a reference section for final post.
    Read the Stone Money by strawberryfields4 for a good example


  17. chickendinner says:

    It’s much easier to understand abstract arguments when they’re illustrated with material objects because people can more easily imagine them. For example, people will be more receptive to the example of exchanging a cow for chips than an explanation of barter in purely economic terms.
    Provide your readers with enough context that they can follow your argument, but not so much that they’re overwhelmed.


  18. 9/28 Notes

    In class today, we went over that 75% of our work is in portfolio, 20% is non portfolio and 5% of our grade is daily notes. We then discussed the stone money essay, the first 1000 word essay based on the 1 hour broadcast, “The Invention of Money”. We then discussed “cows and chips” a way to enliven your essays. The stone money essay is not a reflection on humans and why we are so attached to a physical thing when that is not what is important, it is a reflection of how the physical value of money is decreasing. In the essay, we have to assume that they have not listened to the broadcast and provide enough background information. We then read a sample essay which provided a good example of what our writing should look like.


  19. venom2929 says:

    Cows and Chips
    – ways to make abstract easier to handle and your essays memorable
    -Does money have any real value not inherent value
    -inherent value gives value without being compared to something else.
    -objects of value in the invention of money
    -Enliven essay with cows and chips
    -You must provide readers with enough background information to understand your claims
    -Need to know how much background is enough
    -You may illustrate your own observations
    -Do not use dictionary definition
    -Make your reader do the right amount of work
    -cite 3 sources
    -Include NPR broadcast
    – Include reference section
    -Give a title
    -Claims task:
    -Limited to 1 hour
    -Read article about is PTSD contagious


  20. calamariii says:

    Our 3000-word research paper will be made of 3 1000 word smaller arguments that will be written one by one, edited, and made into the research paper. Of our total grade, the portfolio makes up 75%, the non-portfolio work makes up 20%, and daily notes take up 5%. A good way to include abstract ideas into our essays is to use things like cows and chips, things that readers can grasp and latch on to for ideas like bartering. Finding ways to physicalize our ideas and arguments is an important part of making a better and more memorable paper. The key to good writing is making the reader do just the right amount of work, following your information, and staying engaged so they can get the most information they can out of your paper. Money cannot be defined by a physical thing but money is really the manifestation of the worth something has in further exchanges. We read over a paper on the stone money topic and discussed our likings with the paper and what it did well.


  21. tyblicky2001 says:

    Read the Cows and chips lecture
    Abstract concepts defined and described with abstract terms are the sleeping pills of essay writing
    Physicalize your arguments
    Learned about the concept of inherent value
    Gold is an example of inherent value
    Essays are better narrated as a story
    Provide enough background info as the readers do not know about the background material
    Don’t mention the dictionary definition
    Read the “Stone Money” article and discussed some key points the author made in the article
    Stone money assignment due Wednesday at 11:59


  22. strawberryfields4 says:

    Opening Discussions
    Grade Breakdown:
    -75%= Portfolio
    -20%= Non-Portfolio
    -5%= Daily Notes

    Managing Essays with Abstract Concepts:
    -Give the reader something to “pet” (cows) and “crunch” (chips) in your essay
    -Find ways to tangibilize or physicalize your essay
    -This will give your reader a thorough understanding of your argument
    -Physical examples result in a stronger argument
    -A dollar needs to be compared to something that it can buy to give it inherent value
    -Without inherent value, what gives us perspective of anything’s worth?
    -Money does not have inherent value
    -An essay without tangible objects is missing something
    -Use anecdotes to liven your point
    -Must provide readers with enough background information so that they have the context of your sources
    -The readers have not read your materials!
    -Find the balance of background information to provide, where you are not burdening the reader with extra information, but they understand how it relates to your argument
    -Give the the necessary resources to guide the reader to your conclusion
    -Give the reader the tools to understand your claims


  23. nugget114 says:

    We started off class today by reviewing are first 1000 word essay and also how our grades are broken down
    Our first 1000 word essay in due on Wednesday 9/29
    -75% of our work is portfolio, 20% of our work is non portfolio, 5% is daily notes

    Cows and Chips
    – Professor described the idea of inherent value
    – “Nothing enlivens a conceptual essay like a cow”
    – I didn’t know what inherent value was at first but he explained the inherent value in corn and non-inherency in money.
    – Corn will always be something to consume, but money is non-inherent because there is no permanent value within it, you can trade money for other inherent things but the money itself is not inherent
    – The definition of inherent is existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute
    – If professor makes a comment saying “your essay is good, but it doesn’t have any cows” then refer back to the cows and chips section

    – The government does not decide what money is worth
    – The government only decides what one bill is worth a 100 of the other bills (denominations)
    “I’m not a millionaire because I own something that is worth 1 million dollars, once I sell the product for 1 million dollars, then I am a millionaire”

    – Figure out how much background information to provide so you don’t overburden your essay with unnecessary information
    – Just provide enough to get your point across enough for readers to understand so you leave room for more important points
    – Make your reader do just the right amount of work; Make sure they have to invest just a little bit of energy for them to understand your claims and be able to relay your point


  24. RowanAnnouncer says:

    During the start of class we discussed an impending 1000 word essay on the 1hr long broadcast called “Stone Money.” We also discussed 3 other 1000 word essays and 1 3000 word essay in the next few weeks. cows and chips technique is adding things to your writing that could make the reader understand better by referencing something with inherent value that might not inhabit that trait otherwise. You must add tangible items to your writing to liven the abstract arguments. we then read a classmates 1000 word analysis of stone money.


  25. kilotoon says:

    – Rose hands to see who listened to the broadcast and who did not
    – Broke down grading scale, which includes 75% based on portfolio assignments, 20% based on Non Portfolio assignments, and 5% based on daily tasks.
    – We accept dollars because we know somebody else will take them
    – Read the cows and chips lecture
    – Learned about inherent value and used examples to define it
    – Read the stone money article
    – We individually went over our classmates assignment to help us with our own
    – Stone Money assignment due wednesday at 11:59 PM


  26. ziggy026 says:

    75% Portfolio
    20% Non portfolio
    5% Daily notes
    Stone money argument is a response to the broadcast, “The Invention of Money” and the essay “The Island of Stone Money”
    Stone money used for big transactions
    Tangible details to essay that grapple with abstract concepts
    Find ways to physicalize arguments
    To describe worth of a dollar bill the government does not decide what a dollar is worth they only decide denominations
    Relative value of bills is the only way the government decides what the money is worth
    Not a millionaire if you own something that’s valued at a million dollars, only when the thing is sold for a million dollars
    Categorical – definition essay – what is money
    Anecdotal/illustrative ways using as much of the source material as possible and the rich narratives that are provided to liven explanations of abstract concepts
    Federal reserve is not federal, not a bank, and not a reserve
    Stone money assignment – introductory material about the counterintuitivity of money
    The key to good essay writing is making your reader do just the right amount of work, guiding them to conclusions and making them invest a little energy into examining the background and finding the right conclusion
    Provide the readers with enough background information to understand the claims
    Money is a physical representation of someone’s willingness to accept it
    Anything we use to mark your ability to get stuff from someone else using something that they can use to get something from someone else
    Finding a way to illustrate that is the way to explain it
    3 sources in side bar
    Supplement what is provided by finding own resources
    Shows how money is abstract and is a belief system rather than something concrete that we can follow and use
    It relates more to ethics and religion more than actual trade
    Proposal claim – we should vote on this, we should enact this bill
    Let’s eat – proposal claim – factual claim – context changes meaning


  27. In class today, we went over that 75% of our work is in portfolio, 20% is non portfolio and 5% of our grade is daily notes. We then discussed the stone money essay, the first 1000 word essay based on the 1 hour broadcast, “The Invention of Money”. We then discussed “cows and chips” a way to enliven your essays. The stone money essay is not a reflection on humans and why we are so attached to a physical thing when that is not what is important, it is a reflection of how the physical value of money is decreasing. In the essay, we have to assume that they have not listened to the broadcast and provide enough background information. We then read a sample essay which provided a good example of what our writing should look like.


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