Visual Rewrite–ohearnj8

00:00  The ad starts by showing a young man maybe in his late teens wearing what looks to be wearing a baseball hat and holding a baseball bat. There is a man sitting in the bleachers as a spectator. Maybe this man is a relative or coach of the young man.

00:01  An older man maybe in his early 40’s is also holding a baseball bat, wearing a baseball hat and batting gloves. This man may be the boys father or coach.

00:02  Both of them are getting ready to hit baseball and are in mid swing. The older man appears to be showing the boy how to hit a baseball. They might be practicing for a baseball game coming up the boy might play in.

00:04-00:06 The same people are now on a front lawn of a house practicing playing football. The boy is throwing to the older man and is wearing a football jersey. In this frame they appear to be having more fun than before and appear to be less serious. The boy throws the football to the older gentleman who catches it.

00:07-00:09 The same older gentleman is now suited up as a catcher with the catchers glove and pads and is getting ready to catch something. Now the boy is pitching to the older man who is kneeling down. Both of them have very serious expressions on their face. The boy throws a strike down the middle of the plate. Pitcher might be the boys position on the team he might be on.

00:10 Now they are playing hockey in what looks like to be the same house as where they were playing football. The Older man is playing as the goalie and the younger kid is trying to score on him. Once again they seem to be having a great time playing without any care in the world

00:11-00:13 They are now playing soccer on a field where the boy score on the older man. The viewer can almost safely assume this is the boys father by how they interact with each other.

00:14-00:20 The boy is now playing on an outdoor basketball court with his father. They now are playing against two other boys in the park. It can be seen that they are using teamwork to win against the two boys. The boy passes to his father for the game winning point and rejoice with each other when it goes in.

00:20-00:300 The ad ends with the simple words “Teach them early” across the screen. This stays on the screen for 5 seconds and then the words “Violence against women is wrong”. The assumption that this is a domestic violence ad. The ad never shows violence against women but throughout the ad it shows the hitting, kicking, slapping etc. in sports games.

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