Too Late to Meme

Riddle: Too Late to Meme

First, you might need to know who Christopher Walken is. He has one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces. But it never occurred to me that he resembled a famous actress until I saw a particular image of him as a young man.

The first time I saw this image of Christopher Walken, I struggled to figure out who he reminded me of.

Christopher Walken

When it hit me that he resembled Scarlett Johanssen, I went looking for an appropriate image of her to build a meme.

And I found several.
But they’d already been paired to show the same resemblance I had noticed.

I was too late to be the first to build the meme. I have the same reaction when I go looking for sources to PROVE my hypothesis. If I find a source that claims exactly what I’ve been thinking, I’m disappointed that I wasn’t first. Now, what can I add to the conversation?

Back to the rabbit hole until I find something no one else has noticed.


Late again.


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