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The beginning of the “There’s No Excuse” clip shows the family pictures of a married couple and there toddler son. The pictures are the professional cliche, “just married” type of photo and a pose of their son is a suit. The family appears to be “one big happy family”.


Behind the pictures of the family, a dark shadow is reflected from another room connected to the main hallway of the downstairs portion of the house. The shadow shows us that there is one person in the other room. Maybe the person is the father that is still awake, since the setting is at night and we are lead to presume that the father just finished his workday. So far, the shadow is up in the air of who is in the other room.


Skipping forward in the video, there is a young boy of the family that is dressed in pajamas holding a yellow toy truck. The young boy seems to look bored or patiently waiting for one or both of his parents to bring him up to his room to tuck him in bed and receive a kiss goodnight. But, instead left eavesdropping into the room where the shadow is reflected upon the side of the staircase.


The boy transitions from patiently waiting for one of the parents, to hearing some sort of loud noise, whether its a bang or yelling, he seems very frightened and scared of whoever caused the noise. A kid never wants to be in a negative environment, especially if the environment is their home. Due to his facial expression of being scared, the father is the shadow from earlier and domestic violence is mid-process just under the boy in the adjacent room.


After hearing the loud bang or smack from below, the boy is not heavily breathing to confirm that he is scared. Now he sits there wondering what to do next. Does he run and hide in his room with his blanket pulled up just under his bottom eyelashes staring at the door in fright like an ordinary young child or does the boy wait and force the parents to feel sorry for domestic violence?


Now confirming our presumption that domestic violence was just under the child. This frame of the video says “Children have to sit by and watch. What’s your excuse?”. As stated before, the boy seemed to have the perfect family image(in a literal sense because of the family portraits in the beginning), but in reality, who knows how often the young boy deals with this tragedy. The tragedy of a young child having to deal with dysfunctional parents when they just want to be loved and given attention that all children should receive from their parents.

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