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Health insurance is an insurance that everyone wants. This is an insurance that pays for medical expenses such as surgeries and regular checkups. Even though a person might have health insurance, this will not prevent medical mistakes. The big issue with health care nowadays are the mistakes doctors make and if doctors should be accountable for them.  Accountability means that if a mistake happens, the personal at fault will take the responsibility.

Responsibility means being able to take the blame for something. What happens when doctors do not take the blame for their mistakes? This leaves room for more mistakes. Quality is measured in how good something is or how good someone is. Health care hasn’t been of good quality because medical personnel keep on making mistakes. If they learn from their mistakes, the quality of their performance would be better. No more mistakes would be made.

People around the world pay for health insurance. These people should at least get high quality health care. Doctors should not make anymore mistakes because this harms the patients. If the Doctors are accountable for their actions, health care would be of high quality.

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