1. Do multivitamins really work? It seems counterintuitive that a multivitamin could end up affecting your overall health. This is a product that is advertised to help improve ones health. Although, there have been studies that show that most individuals who take these multivitamins already get enough of these nutrients from what they eat everyday, this results in a surplus for some of the vitamins they are taking. Exceeding the limits for some specific vitamins can end up causing a disease. For example, some studies have shown that seniors who take these vitamins can end up increasing their risk of heart disease. Now just because a majority of people do not need these vitamins the ones who do actually need them will in fact benefit from taking them. Studies have shown that people who are anorexic can benefit from these because some do not get enough calcium and taking these vitamins can help them meet the daily recommended amount.

There is one positive to these multivitamins but it’s not necessarily for the ones who need them its the majority who do not take them. I say this because they are saving their hard earned cash instead of spending half of it on supplements they do not need. Most companies do not own the label that is put on these bottles, and or it is not required to put the health risks written on them that would include warnings of possible outcomes of exceeding the limits of some vitamins. A lot of people would not buy these products if they new what the possible risks were and or abandon them for just the food they are eating daily.

2) The Hair Part Theory

It seems counterintuitive that something crazy like the way one parts their hair can really describe a persons personality. The Hair Part Theory is a concept where if a person parts their hair to the left side it has a connection with the left hemisphere of brain function associates with logical and verbal skills, while the right side hair part focuses on the right side of the brain hemisphere, involving a more imaginative and emotional capabilities. The left side has more of a reputation for a more masculine appearance, while the right side has more of a feminine look.

This theory brings out stereotypes in its concept, this is something that our society that has been dealt with in the past and it is being brought back out. We are told as kids to never judge a book by its cover and this theory is going against that in every way. Many famous public figures are used as an example to support it. They focus on people with a right side part like Robert Kennedy, Laurence Oliver, Gary Cooper and baseball legend Lou Gehrig, people who have been known for softer sensitive natures. Then they turn and compare left side parts to strong willed famous women like Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton. This is very counterintuitive because it goes against everything that our society have been trying to get away from in these recent years to support this theory.

3) Prozac What’s Race Got to DO With It?

It seems counterintuitive that race has an impact on someone getting the right drugs to help treat a problem they have. Studies show that there is a higher percentage of white patients get prescribed newer more affective drugs because of private health insurance than someone of a different race who has Medicare or Medicaid.

The question is why, why should white people get better drugs like Prozac and people of different race get the cheaper older varieties. In 2008 there was a higher percent of white patients were being treated for depression and being prescribed medication, while Hispanic and black people who were being treated for the same conditions were not being prescribed as much as white people.

Everyone is created equal and should be treated equally no matter the color of skin or race. The healthcare systems should being doing more and creating more opportunities for people who are in need, and giving people who are different race the same opportunity to get treated and receive the same good drugs as someone who is white. If someone is sick than they should receive the care they need to get better no matter race.

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