Visual Rewrite – rowanstudent6

Roxana’s Story

0:01- the video opens up in a field as a couple are walking along a path that has been carved out for them. With tall trees to the sides of the path and long shrubbery lining the path as the dirt path cuts through. cars must frequent this path as there is a strip of grass in the middle of the path. The man is white and bald with a long beard and a pair of sunglasses on. He is wearing a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans with a watch on his left wrist and a pair of light brown boots on. His sleeves are rolled up which implies the temperature is around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. The man is on the left and the woman is on the right. The woman is also white with a watch on her left wrist and a pair of brown boots as well. She is wearing a black pair of chinos and a blue sweater with a dark blue vest. The lady is also wearing a necklace

0:02- they are walking and talking with each other along this path

0:03- the shot transitions to a room indoors with our lady friend sitting in a chair, speaking to the cameraman. She has removed her jacket and it is clear that her necklace is silver and quite large in the shape of a heart. She appears to be an American and is slightly overweight. She also appears to be early 40s I would say 41. She is in a room behind her that old people would be seen in. There is a table to the back left behind her with a rocking chair on either side and three windows behind her. There is a chimney behind her and a large painting on a table behind her to the right. On said table is a lamp. There is a also a couch in front of the small table with the painting

0:04- She talks to the cameraman and using little movement of hands when doing so

0:05- the frame switches to a mantle with a miniature statue of the heroic soldiers lifting up the flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima. It also has a flag framed and folded into a triangle on the mantle. In the background it has a statue of three soldiers standing with their guns on their shoulders. There is a blurred wooden frame in the foreground

0:06- The wooden frame is revealed to say “Home of the free because of the brave”

0:07 + 0:08- the shot shifts to a picture of her husband presumably and an old man, both donning the United States military uniform in a frame on the wall. Her husband is on the right and has shaved his head. He is also heavier in this photo than he is present day. The other man, presumably in his 60s is clean shaven and has a head of dark gray hair with lighter gray hair around the temples.

0:09 + 0:10- The shot shifts to a focused image of the bearded man who is the man from the framed photograph and the man from the opening shot. His beard is brown with a few gray hairs. He is wearing a brown and white flannel shirt and his glasses are resting in the middle of his nose as though he is reading something or looking at something. He is looking down. He is in the foreground with the background being blurred. In the background are unhung, framed photos. His glasses are a pair of green oakleys.

0:11 + 0:14- The lady is centered and focused as she is talking to the camera man and using hand and arm gestures when speaking. She appears to be talking passionately.

0:15 + 0:16- The lady is in her bedroom now reading a book as she sits in a wicker rocking chair with a pillow under her butt and behind her back. Her bedpost is in the foreground yet blurred and to her left is a window and a chest that has a pillow and a basket atop it. The pillow says hello in lowercase cursive while the blanket is folded and fluffy. The basket itself is wicker and is resting atop and in the middle of the chest. The chest is blue with two rectangular doors, the left is the same color as the chest, but the right is a lighter blue. They both have brown knobsThere is a framed picture above her to the left and a large plant to her right in a pot. To her further right is one left of a night table.

0:17 + 0:19- The shot zooms in on her face and the book she is reading. She is wearing silver earrings that match her necklace and her left hand is on the page, guiding her eyes as she reads.

0:20- The couple, bearded man and lady, are walking along a path in which a strip of grass is in the middle of two strips of dirt as though cars have gone on this path. The dirt strips are inside of a field of short grass which has longer grass and trees further out along with multiple trees. The man is in a brown and white flannel with a pair of sunglasses on while the lady is in the same purple blouse with a navy blue sleeveless jacket on. She is wearing the same silver necklace and earrings from before. He is wearing a pair of blue jeans while she is in a pair of black chinos as they both have apple watches on their wrists. His is a dark gray whilst hers is a light gray. The mans beard is also clearly more gray than initially shown to be, but still retains much of the brown hair.

0:21-0:30- there is a blank screen that advertises AARP

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1 Response to Visual Rewrite – rowanstudent6

  1. davidbdale says:

    In some cases you tell us what it looks like without telling us what it means (Visual but not Rhetorical); in other cases you tell us what it means without telling us how you know what it means from what it looks like (Rhetorical without Visual).
    Graded SUN APR 30


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