E11: Rebuttal Exercise-peachesxo

Supportive of Ag-gag laws

Article 2- http://www.hcn.org/blogs/goat/conservationists-join-animal-rights-groups-to-challenge-idaho-ag-gag-law

“The dairy farmer who fell victim to the activist group is well-known for his unquestioned compassion for his animals,” VanderHulst added.

If this dairy farmer really “loved” is animals, they wouldn’t be abused. He would have workers who do not abuse the animals and he would have the best environment possible for his animals. There is evidence of animal abuse and if the farmer noticed a long time ago, he would either fire his workers or create a better living environment for the animals he has.

Article 3-


“Of the 300 total votes logged so far, 63% say, “No, livestock ag has nothing to hide and such laws give the impression that we do.” Another 35% are in favor of the legislative measures. ”

Do the 35% of farmers have something to hide? If they really loved their animals and care for their business they wouldn’t be afraid to hide what their farm is like. This statistic makes the intentions of farmers questionable. This statistic doesn’t mean anything for the support of ag-laws. It just raises more questions.

Antagonistic to Ag-Gag Laws

Article 1-


“In other words, these laws turn journalists and the investigators of crimes into criminals.”

If these laws turn animal activist into criminals then what about the farmers and workers that abuse the animals. Without these people, animal abuse would go undetected. That’s a more serious crime than taking videos of these abuses.

Article 2-


“Under the proposed Ag Gag bills, the well-being of factory animals and the health of consumers are secondary to the agricultural industry’s demand for secrecy.”

Why keep this a secret? Consumers should be the number one priority. If the consumer asks about the quality of the food, it should be shared. Consumers should get the best quality food and to do so, the animals need to be healthy and held in a good environment. Things like animal cruelty and food quality should not be kept a secret. If the animals are malnourished and raised in a bad environment, the quality of the food will not be good. This will lead to spoiled products going to the consumers.

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