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Class 04 THU JAN 26

Writing Quote Hunter S Thompson

Opening Theme Music


Defining Terms “Your Way”

The Peoples Republic of China (mainland China, excluding Hong Kong), has for some time been repressing the defenders of the more democratic government of the small part of China designated the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (HKSAR). Some would argue there is very little democracy left in Hong Kong. This morning (TUE SEP 17, 2021) on BBCHARDTalk, host Steven Sackur put the question to Hong Kong legislative councillor Dominic Lee Tsz King, a high profile defender of Beijing’s increasingly tight grip on the territory: “With pro-democracy activists arrested, exiled or cowed into silence, has ‘One country, Two systems’ morphed into one country, one system?”

Lee offered this novel definition of Democracy;

Link to the HARDTalk broadcast

When we look at democracy, there are a lot of different systems. Democracy does not just represent election politics, if that’s what you’re referring to. In China, we practice what we call “Whole Process Democracy,” at which democracy is in every stage of the decision-making process—an election is one part of it, one big part of it, but if we’re too consumed about elections, we put too much focus and too much time into elections . . . .

Defining Terms 2

Fireball’s parent company is facing a class-action lawsuit alleging that the brand falsely advertises the miniature bottles sold in convenience stores as containing whiskey and other natural flavors, when they merely contains whiskey flavoring. (The full-sized bottles sold in liquor stores are flavored whiskey; the minis sold in bodegas are malt- and wine-based drinks.)


You are about to run out of time for your first Mandatory Professor Conference.
Make your appointment NOW during class.

White Paper Quiz

I was very impressed with your answers to the quiz.
Here’s a sample of one student’s responses. Let’s review.

Describe the grading process for the White Paper. How often is it graded? Can those grades be improved? Are there several White Papers, or one that is continually improved and expanded?

It is graded often throughout the semester. I am not certain as to whether or not the grades can be improved. There is a single White Paper that is expanded upon several times over time with several revisions to ideas.

According to your professor, how important is thinking about your topic and your sources? What are better techniques for generating ideas and improving your argument?

It is only as important as how much I write down. The only thing that matters is what I write down, so it’s important that I type my ideas to make them important. A good technique for generating ideas and improving my argument could be to write something, (anything) down and develop my argument as I see it come out of my head and onto a page. Maybe something sounds better in my head than it actually is, so it’s important that I type it out.

Name the simplest way to build a large collection of useful sources with a single search.

Instead of searching for sources that align with the point-of-view of the argument, search for sources that may align with any viewpoint. This will allow the researcher to compile a large list of resources that both support his/her argument and refute it. This ensures that the researcher will see all viewpoints towards his/her argument and will be better equipped to intelligently support it.

What’s the point of having more than one Hypothesis?

The point of having more than one hypothesis is to develop a broad/general hypothesis into a more centralized one that is more personal and relatable to a unique argument.

Why does the Model White Paper have so many Practice Openings?

It’s important to structure the paper with different openings to see which opening flows best into the rest of the paper. It’s almost like a tree with different branches. In order to get to the highest possible point, sometimes we must try to climb on completely different branches of the same tree that stem from different openings to the paper.

How does a Purposeful Summary differ from other types of summary?

A purposeful summary is a summary that includes the most relevant and valuable details of the work while describing the objective that the content wishes to accomplish. A non-purposeful summary will just include an abridged version of the work itself with no additional commentary or context from the author.

Describe one Counterintuitive aspect of the attempt to eradicate polio from the planet.

In order to eradicate polio as a whole, it’s important that at least some people become infected to facilitate research towards stopping the masses from becoming infected. This can be accomplished by developing a cure with infected people’s blood and their antibodies, by researching ways to stop transmission, and by providing the public with strategies that it can use to protect itself.

What’s the value of creating sections in the White Paper to describe shorter arguments like those for Definition and for Causation?

The White Paper is an unfiltered draftfest. Anything relevant to the argument (no matter how small) is welcome on the White Paper. It is next up to the writer to take the ramblings of the White Paper and compound them into a single entity; the essay itself.

If I have made steady progress on my White Paper each of the four times it’s graded, how much work will I have left to do to produce my 3000-word Researched Proposal Argument by the deadline?

If this outcome comes true, minimal work will be required to produce my 3000-word essay when it is close to the deadline.

Writing Styles

We composition instructors (this one more than others, perhaps) occasionally hear from students that we are stifling their creativity by insisting that they conform to a particular style. Here’s a style you could or might emulate . . . but not in a composition class.


  • Lecture: Counterintuitivity
    • Respond to today’s Lecture/Discussion in the usual place, below this page.



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  1. pinkheart84 says:



  2. chickenfingers203 says:

    There are lots of ways to use words. Your way is the right way.
    Exclude needless words, especially from essays
    5 sources on your white paper for the first draft
    A diary is counterintuitive. Diaries lie, it is a manipulative and artificial piece of writing.
    Once you get your first desirable source, scroll down and see what similar sources come up, and you will most likely be able to find similar academic sources you can use to your advantage
    Professor Hodges thinks everything is propaganda


    • davidbdale says:

      Nice. Brief but clear and useful.


      • jasrielle2 says:

        Thurs Jan 26 Comp Notes
        In the democracy video watched today it is displayed that there are different systems of describing things as well as handling things.
        Having a topic with strong claims is really good for your writing, you can make it your own with the knowledge you accumulate.
        We discussed the white paper quiz. We spoke about how it is graded, what the purpose of taking it was, as well as what we collected from it. We then spoke about other assignments that will be approaching.
        We talked about different writing styles such as poetry. As well as how to construct good writing no matter the different styles.


  3. tlap23 says:

    Hunter S. Thompson quote→ “Not a wasted word. Ever”
    Some sentences are irrelevant in the point someone is trying to make in a quote
    For example→ “This has been a main point to my literary thinking all my life
    Card Hypothesis Riddle→ 4 cards→ How much evidence is enough evidence?
    Hypothesis: Every card with a vowel on it will have an even number on the other side
    Which cards do we need to flip to test this hypothesis? 3, G, 2, E
    3 and E→ Nothing was said about a consonant having a vowel on the other side, that point is irrelevant
    White Paper Quiz Review
    Separate grade on just hypothesis
    Only gets one grade
    Professor will go back in the white paper and grade accordingly as the semester progresses
    Important to find sources and turning them into your own language
    Multiple practice openings→ Approach topic from all angles to see which opening feels right
    Purposeful summary→ Making sense and analyzing the information rather than condensing and summarizing the information that you were already given
    Facebook adds 56 genders to select from but who is asking?
    Can leave it blank
    Diaries are a lie→ not the whole hearted honest truth
    It is impossible to recall everything that has happened in the past


  4. pinkheart84 says:

    “Not a wasted word.” Very popular by Hunter S. Thompson
    “Omit needless words.” Words that we don’t need to say.
    Do not waste words in your writing or else it may be crossed out. This will be a valuable lesson.
    Riddle- How much evidence is enough evidence? You must look at all of them. You can’t prove a hypothesis right if you haven’t seen all of the evidence. Different kinds of evidence are used for proving a hypothesis wrong compared to proving it right. Fact: Each card has a number on one side and a letter on the other. Hypothesis: Every card that has a vowel on one side has an even number on its opposite side. The test: Which card or cards must you turn over in order to test the Hypothesis? The letters and numbers of the cards are G,2,3, and E. Most people in my class said to turn over G3. G does not dispute the hypothesis because it is completely irrelevant. A constant can have an even number on the other side without influencing the hypothesis. 3 should be turned over because it is necessary. E has to have an even number on the opposite side to have the hypothesis be true. So, the two we care about are 3 and E.
    Dictionary definitions are useless compared to your definition.
    Defining terms “your way” – make clear to your readers.
    Lee said China practices “Whole Process Democracy” which isn’t an actual democracy. He avoids the question of if there is any democracy left. There are lots of systems in democracy. You need to be naming your argument.
    Defining terms 2- fireball miniature bottles are other concoctions- wine/malt-based drinks- whisky flavor. Law suited because they are falsely advertising.
    Tuesday 31st is the last day to chat about the hypothesis.
    The white paper can receive multiple grades. As the semester progresses, add more sources. The grading process is graded once to start and then graded throughout the semester often.
    White paper quiz- reviewed the quiz. Thinking is irrelevant. Find sources and interact with them. Useful sources are on google scholar. Go on reference lists. Purposeful summary gets to the point and only a couple of paragraphs-mention with details and attitude that means something to you.
    One counterintuitive aspect of eliminating polio is to paralyze some kids.
    Sections in your white paper come in handy when you are doing short arguments.
    If you make steady progress on your white paper, you will have very little left to do by the deadline.
    My shopping list is an argument and can be a hypothesis.
    We lie to ourselves every time we describe ourselves.
    Art is something that is made for esthetic value.


  5. gobirds115 says:

    Notes 1/26:

    – “Not a wasted word”, “Omit needless words”
    -Awesome guitar video
    – To prove a hypothesis right, you must prove every piece of available evidence. To prove a hypothesis wrong, you only need to find one flaw that will discredit the validity of the hypothesis.
    – Card Exercise helped learn tricks on how to know which evidence is necessary toward proving your argument.
    -Defining Terms “Your Way”: Dictionary definitions aren’t always going to be relevant to the way you’re using your words in your writing. Therefore, it is essential that you define your terms the way you want them to be perceived by your readers.
    -Naming our argument will be a valuable skill to our writing
    -Fireball was facing legal trouble for falsely advertising whiskey in their miniature bottles. They were able to prove themselves out of the false advertisement by clever wording. “whiskey and other natural flavors” may mean to some that it contains whiskey. But it may also mean that it contains flavors of whiskey and others.
    -Talking about the responses to the White Paper Quiz helped understand and clear up a lot of what seemed unclear last class when we originally were introduced to the structure of the White Paper.
    -Is a shopping list an argument? Yes! Why? Because it’s text. Even a shopping list is an argument/hypothesis because if you intend on buying one thing you write down and then you get to the store and you have different thoughts based on what you’re seeing in the store, you’ve now disputed the list therefore it’s an argument.
    – Diarists Lie: Even though they document most of what happens, they don’t document the entire story. Therefore, they can’t tell the full truth making it a lie.
    – Defining terms “your way” came full circle when we discussed how certain things may or may not be perceived as art. Professor Hodges believes that art is something that has no function other than being observed for aesthetics. Is this true? Maybe or maybe not. But if that’s his definition and he makes it clear to the people he’s getting that point across to, then he’s successfully defined his terms.


  6. girlno3 says:

    1/26 class notes
    • don’t waste words when writing
    • its easier to prove a hypothesis wrong then it is to prove one right
    • Defining terms in your way to show how you’re using the terms
    ◦ Words can have multiple definitions
    • Name your argument when writing
    • Fireball selling product containing whiskey and other flavors when it only has whiskey flavoring inside it
    • The white paper is meant to continuously be updated throughout the semester
    • The grade will be updated during the semester as it is added to and updated
    • If you find a really good source you can use the authors sources as well
    ◦ Get as many great sources as you can
    • Multiple hypothesis can help you to look at multiple angles of an argument
    • Sections in the white paper will help to complete the smaller assignments throughout the semester
    • The more developed the white paper document is the less there will be to do when writing the final paper
    • A thesis is meant to be continuously tested
    • Why do we as a society feel the need to categorize and define people?
    • All text is argumentative- even a grocery list
    • Almost all writing is intended for a specific audience
    • People painted to look like paintings- counterintuitive


  7. mellowtacos says:

    “Omit needless words”
    Advice to us is to not waste words otherwise i will get crossed out

    How much evidence is enough evidence?
    If you are told that every speed limit is 25 in town how many signs would you have to look at
    Answer: if we are proving this true wee would have to look st all of them
    Answer: if we are proving this wrong we would only have to find the one that isn’t 25

    Hypothesis: Every card that has a vowel on one side has an even number on its opposite side.

    Question: how many would you turn over to test the hypothesis
    G 2 3 E
    You would only have to flip over 3 and E to prove or disprove hypothesis

    Defining terms “your way “
    If I were to look in a dictionary I wouldn’t find a definition that properly explains all of what marriage means and is.

    Naming your argument it’s a very important skill that we will be asked to do
    Example: “whole process democracy”
    Defining 2
    “Whiskey and other natural flavors”
    Whiskey is apart of the other natural flavors
    If it was “whiskey and natural flavors” they would be lying

    White paper the first draft get changed over and over
    As semester progresses you should be adding more and more sources
    No point in thinking when you have no ideas in your head. Start writing!
    Make sure you use google scholar and use the reference page from a good article. It will lead you to more.
    Purpose of having more than one hypothesis- look at all the possibilities
    So many different opening because it will show you which one feels write
    A purposeful summary- they include more resources and data
    Sections in white paper are important because white paper includes everything no matter how small so it’s important to keep it organized

    Shopping list
    Can be an argument
    If you right breyer vanilla ice cream but you get a different brand you just argued your grocery list.
    Writing a diary is like writing an essay
    We don’t tell the whole truth we select what is important
    Nothing can be 100% the truth

    Professors opinion on art is that if it has a function its not are

    Live paint drawing are counterintuitive

    Thought provoking topic
    A three year old that needs Bariatric Surgery? Is it necessary? Is it morally correct?


  8. doglover846 says:

    – Do not put filler words in your writing. They will be crossed out.
    – You can’t determine if the hypothesis is wrong or right unless you test every piece of evidence
    – When Defining Terms 2, the wording of the sentence matte immensely.
    – Five sources and summaries for feedback due 2/2
    – use good scholar
    – go to the relevant resources of your first website
    – Texts are an argument
    – The truth is very hard to tell, because if you don’t put in every detail that is involved then its a lie.
    – Art can not be art if that piece has a function.


  9. sunflower0311 says:

    Agenda Notes:
    – When writing do not use needless words. Your professor will cross out everything you do not need in your writing.
    – When it comes to hypothesis you can easily disprove a hypothesis without looking at all the evidence. However, to prove it you must look at all the evidence.
    – Words have different meanings. It is up to us to decide how we want to use those words.
    – Example “my brother and people I hate” is different than “my brother and other people I hate”.

    White Paper Quiz Notes:
    – Grading: You get a preliminary grade and then about a week after you will get another grade after revising. Your original grade can go down if you do not continue to work on it.
    – To find good sources: Find a really good source with good research and then go see their references.
    – Why have more than one hypothesis? It allows you to look at all the different angles and decide which one you want to focus on.
    – Purposeful Summary: A summary that helps you make sense of a source. You use it to help promote a point of view.
    – Having sections in your white paper help keep it organized and makes it easier to find things for when you’re writing.


  10. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    There is a difference between proving a hypothesis wrong and proving a hypothesis right.
    To prove it right: look at all of them
    To prove it wrong: find the ONE exception
    Just because a vowel has a even number on the other side doesn’t mean that an even number has to have a vowel.
    “My brother and people I hate.” is different “My brother and OTHER people I hate.”

    Work steadily on your White Paper in order to have less work to do when the essay is due.

    We lie every time we describe ourselves – because we leave things out.

    Art is not art if it has a function


  11. Shazammm says:

    “Not a wasted word… ever.” First popularized by E.B. White and his partner. It contains omit needless words. Needless is an uncommon word. You can find a lot of things needless. Professor will not hesitate to cross out sentences if they are needless. Lesson: no fluff in writing. Take out the fluff and only describe what is important. You do not need fluff.

    Music video: It is amazing to witness things that seem impossible and challenging. But in reality, they are not.

    Riddle: you cannot prove something wrong as long as you see all the evidence. This applies to our hypothesis. We must look at all angles to see whether are hypothesis is wrong or right. Different kinds of evidence are needed. We must look at the exception to disprove our hypothesis. We must do the opposite when trying to prove it true. {3 and E is the answer to the riddle}.

    We have the liberty to define terms our way. We can use our own definitions of terms to grasp information. We must name our argument {ex. “whole process democracy”}. It is okay to not follow a dictionary definition of terms and create our own definitions. IT IS OKAY TO SEE THINGS THE WAY WE SEE THEM. Be original. Everyone has their own understanding of terms. Everyone has their own way of speaking/describing. “My brother and people I hate” vs. “my brother and {other} people I hate”

    Deadline for conference is approaching. You already have a conference date.

    Grading process for white paper: it is going to be a preliminary grade. It will be updated as the semester continues. It may be graded repeatedly. The grade depends on how much we work on it during the semester. Thinking is irrelevant. Find sources and react to them. Argue with them. THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF DEVELOPING OUR TOPIC. Use Google Scholar that seems appropriate to us. Find sources and use those sources to find other sources. It is kind of like a domino effect. Explore all sorts of hypotheses to look at all the angles. Practice opens are a great way to know what you can offer to your research paper.

    Purposeful summaries. Shape your summaries using your own words so you can understand things better. Counterintuitive aspect: the terrible factor. It can be looked at as a flaw. The polio vaccine, for example. Even though it prevents Polio globally, it still paralyzes a small group of kids. That is the counterintuitive aspect. It is supposed to prevent something, but there is always a price.

    Sections in white paper come in handy when writing short arguments. MUST HAVE A STRONG REBUTTAL POST.

    Counterintuitivity: basically thinking the opposite of something. Thinking of something in your own way to mentally grasp it. Looking at things that seem accurate but not really. Looking at things in a different way and not how everyone else sees it.

    Be open to different hypotheses. Vanilla ice cream example. If you are looking for Breyer’s vanilla ice cream at the store, but you see Häagen Dazs and realize that it is a better brand than Breyer’s, then you are proving your hypothesis wrong.

    Your writing is not telling the full truth because you are choosing what to write about. You are not telling the FULL truth, especially if you edit your work. The Diary of Anne Frank, for example. She probably kept editing it because she wanted to be a world famous author.

    Everyone has their own definitions of art. Everyone sees art in different ways. There is not merely one way of looking at things in life.

    We must change the way we describe things in order to see things in a different light.


    • davidbdale says:

      Always SOOO thorough, Shazammm!

      This, though:

      Riddle: you cannot prove something wrong as long as you see all the evidence.

      —Not true. You can prove a hypothesis incorrect with a single example. But it’s impossible to say something is ALWAYS true without examining every example.



  12. inspireangels says:

    Omit needless words. The professor when giving back feedback will cross out unnecessary sentences that just fill up the page.

    Card Hypothesis Riddle: How much evidence is enough evidence? Explains how if we trying to prove a hypothesis is wrong we only need one piece of evidence while if we were trying to prove them right we would need all the evidence to prove it right. The point of this was to disregard the information that doesn’t contribute to your hypothesis.

    Defining Terms “Your Way”: We might define words differently from other people. When adding a word to your sentence it can completely change the meaning depending on where it’s placed.

    White Paper: The professor will give us a preliminary grade and the hypothesis will be graded once. The white paper will be graded repeatedly throughout the semester. Thinking is irrelevant however collecting and reading sources to then write about them is more important. Having more than one hypothesis will allow you to be able to look at it from different angles. The practice opening is to expand on different openings to see which best would perhaps fit in your paper. Sections in your paper come in handy and can contribute to your White Paper.


  13. anonymous123 says:

    -We talked about how much evidence is enough evidence in a hypothesis. In order to prove a hypothesis right is you need to find all the evidence that you possibly can. To prove it wrong that can be done with the first bit of evidence that you find.
    -make sure that you are using your words and definitions correctly because as shown in the fireball lawsuit it really comes to show how much of a difference simple wording makes


  14. g00dsoup says:

    -“Not a wasted word”.
    There can often be a lot of unnecessary words when writing. Only describe what is important.

    -We need to analyze everything to ensure the hypothesis is either right or wrong.
     If you see all the evidence, you cannot demonstrate that anything is false.  To determine if our hypothesis is false or true, we must examine all possible perspectives. Different types of proof are required. To show that our theory is wrong, we must examine the exception. 

    -We all have the right to define words our own way. Yes, the dictionary may have a definition for a word… and that is supposedly right. However, what about the way I interpret a word? What if “marriage” (for example) means something different for me than it does for another person? We all have our own way of speaking and the same is said for how we define words.

    -The White Paper is going to be a preliminary grade. It will continually update as we work on it throughout the semester. If the paper has no significant progress, the grade will not rise.
    Thinking is IRRELEVANT!! We need to find sources and then react to them. We need to argue with the sources we discover.
    Google Scholar is an appropriate tool to utilize where we can find sources, then use those to find other sources.
    Do not settle on just one hypothesis. Having more than one hypothesis is beneficial as it allows you to look at more angles of the topic.
    -Purposeful summaries include the most relevant information in a summary while a non-purposeful summaries include a shortened version of the work itself.

    Be open to having different hypotheses. You can always prove your initial hypothesis wrong.
    You don’t always write the whole truth when you write. What you write about is up to you. You don’t record every little detail of your day in a journal. You aren’t reciting word-for-word what your relatives, instructors, or the locals you contact with have said. You only write about what you decide to write.


    • g00dsoup says:

      I just realized I have made a mistake in my notes. Here is the correction:
      “Not a wasted word.”


    • davidbdale says:

      Love your Notes, G00dSoup.
      But this:

      -We need to analyze everything to ensure the hypothesis is either right or wrong.
      If you see all the evidence, you cannot demonstrate that anything is false. To determine if our hypothesis is false or true, we must examine all possible perspectives. Different types of proof are required. To show that our theory is wrong, we must examine the exception.

      If I claim “Every sign is town is misspelled,” I can disprove that hypothesis by finding a single exception.
      But if I claim, “Every sign in town is spelled correctly,” I will have to examine every sign.
      What we claim doesn’t determine how much evidence is needed. One exception is enough to prove that a rule DOES NOT ALWAYS apply. But ALL examples need to comply with the rule to prove that it ALWAYS applies.


  15. rowanstudent6 says:

    -The opening quote drives home the idea that all writings should be concise
    -The card hypothesis is an allegory for finding evidence for your essay and for determining whether or not you have sufficient evidence
    -Hong Kong’s democracy is defined differently than American democracy as American democracy is too focused on elections
    -Counterintuitivity goes against established truths


  16. fatjoe000 says:

    -Not a wasted word
    -When writing you want to make sure every word is needed in your paper
    -The card riddle explained that there are ways that you can save time when gathering evidence
    -If you find a good reliable source it can be a good idea to use other sources from the same author
    -A purposeful summary does not recount the entire subject of a matter
    -A purposeful summary will instead stay true to the original
    -Illustrations are always better than explanations
    -Defining something “your way” means you want to define your terms so that they are perceived a certain way by the readers
    -In other words a dictionary definition might not be the best definition to use in your article


    • davidbdale says:

      Not quite:

      -If you find a good reliable source it can be a good idea to use other sources from the same author

      Follow the first source to its Reference list. Conclude that whatever sources your first source depends on for its evidence will have evidence for you, too.


  17. charlieclover says:

    – We went over Hunter S. Thomson’s point of getting rid of useless words
    – We also talked about how much evidence is enough and then we went over the difference between proving something right vs proving something wrong
    – The card-flipping riddle that we did was confusing
    – We also went over defining words and possible misconceptions that come from not thinking about the definition
    – We went over the white paper quiz
    – We have to interact with the sources and turn them into our own words


    • davidbdale says:

      Classic (undesirable) “talked about” language here, CharlieClover.

      – We also talked about how much evidence is enough and then we went over the difference between proving something right vs proving something wrong
      – We also went over defining words and possible misconceptions that come from not thinking about the definition

      You’ve named two topics but shared no insight about “how much evidence is enough” or “what possible misconceptions result from sloppy definitions.”


  18. chickennugget246 says:

    “Not a wasted word ever.” Omit needless words, only write what is important. Professor will cross out needless words in our papers.
    Sometimes we need to prove a hypothesis right and sometimes we need to prove them wrong – to do this, we need all pieces of evidence.
    Card Hypothesis – if we find a source that we do not need to prove, drop the source – we care about 3 and E and nothing else because they are the only necessary cards to prove the hypothesis, and the other cards are irrelevant to the hypothesis.
    Dictionary definitions are useless compared to our own words and definitions – we will have to use terms/words in our own way to make clear what we are trying to portray to the readers.
    “Whole process democracy” – very valuable skill (we will be asked to do this a lot)
    Define your terms and stay in charge of them – whisky and other natural flavors – fireball example – basically watch our wording and make sure it is correct when others read it.
    White paper grading process- grades will change over time as it progresses – it will be graded repeatedly.
    Thinking is irrelevant/useless – it is not important – what is important is finding sources and interacting with them.
    How to acquire a bunch of useful sources – we have to find a really good source then go to its reference list because those sources will have relevance to our hypothesis as well.
    More than one hypothesis is relevant to look at things from different angles – we should explore all types of possibilities.
    Approach our topic from different angles – practice openings.
    Purposeful summary – most relevant and valuable detail – not just a condensed version like a normal summary – we have to mention things in detail.
    We will have to paralyze some kids to get rid of polio once and for all (counterintuitive)
    Sections will help with the short arguments.
    If we made steady progress on the White Paper, it will help with our 3,000 word essay (there will be less to do since we already gathered all of our content)
    Counterintuitivity – do we believe something because we were just raised that way or do we really believe it – we improve or reject our hypothesis more and more than before (hypothesis – we can never be fully right)
    ALL text is an argument, even a shopping list.
    We cannot possibly tell the whole truth in a journal or diary for example – it will technically be a lie.
    The diary of Anne Frank was a really good lie (it was made up of her “truths”)
    We all have our own definitions of art.
    People/things that are painted to look like actual paintings – example of counterintuitive.
    The example of the sleeping dog gave me a clear understanding of the meaning of counterintuitive because once you add the two little black dots on the spots above the dog’s eyes, the predators will think that those are the dog’s actual eyes and will not go after it. Now, those “eyes” will never be unseen. So, in our arguments, we all should give the readers something that they will never unread. We have to be creative and make sure to catch the readers’ attention so that they will be engaged in our piece and would want to read more and more about it. I really like this connection because it gives me a clear understanding of what it means to be counterintuitive.


  19. miliwawa says:

    -An advice professor to not use unnecessary filler words that don’t need to be there “Omit needless words.”
    -We must prove the hypothesis is true or wrong by evaluating the evidence. We did an exercise it made us believe that every constant should have an odd number, and if the hypothesis is correct, then E should have an even number, but to contradict, we must flip card 3, and if it has a vowel, it will make the statement wrong.
    -We should constantly name our argument throughout our essay.
    -Terms can make a difference in your writing. For example, fireball got a lawsuit because of their ingredients. Still, they can’t get sued because they used their wordings on their label “Whisky and OTHER natural flavors,” indicating that whiskey is a natural flavor, and so are the other flavors. So you must choose your terms wisely.
    -It’s important to find sources and do your research, then make it into your own words rather than trying to come up with an idea; you should be exploring all the possibilities for your hypothesis.
    -In a purposeful summary, you should detail the parts that are important to you.
    -Went over counterintuitive thinking to help us build that skill. For example, someone might not think a shopping list is an argument, but you can go to the store to buy a sure thing and buy something else because the offer might be better or you can’t find it. So, it differs from what you initially wanted to get; it is argumentative.


  20. queenrandom04 says:

    We start class with a quote about how needless words are unnecessary. We continued in class with a riddle that teaches us the value of how much research you need in order to prove the research you’ve found to be true. Not to miss out on the opportunities that may present themselves to be able to prove your research true. Defining terms is the power in the way you grammatically have the power to change what you’re actually saying. We then looked over what we did last class. The white paper and purposeful summarizations. Hodges and I had a discussion about whether or not the Olympics should be gendered or not. He showed us a grocery list for the purpose of showing that even the simple things have a thesis that you can defend and argue. We went through counterintuitive comments to see the way you’re able to develop arguments against anything.


  21. jasrielle2 says:

    Thurs Jan 26 Comp Notes
    In the democracy video watched today it is displayed that there are different systems of describing things as well as handling things.
    Having a topic with strong claims is really good for your writing, you can make it your own with the knowledge you accumulate.
    We discussed the white paper quiz. We spoke about how it is graded, what the purpose of taking it was, as well as what we collected from it. We then spoke about other assignments that will be approaching.
    We talked about different writing styles such as poetry. As well as how to construct good writing no matter the different styles.


  22. music0392 says:

    We began the class with a riddle with 4 cards, trying to prove or disprove a hypothesis that every card with a vowel has an even number on the opposite side, the cards being G, 2, 3, and E. The riddle asked which cards would you have to turn over to determine the answer, and the best was 3 and E, because E would prove if it had an even number, and if there was a vowel on the other side of 3, it would disprove the hypothesis. This riddle pertains to finding the least possible ways to solve a problem or prove a hypothesis. We also discussed different categories in writing, using “and” to separate two objects or people, or using other words to differentiate, because this could become confusing for a reader. We also discussed getting sources, and that the easiest way to get sources is to scroll down on one source to see all their references. We also should have more than one hypothesis to narrow down a topic from a broad range, along with openings. We also discussed purposeful summaries to write down the best possible information for your white paper. We used the analogy of describing scientific things such as gravity, or the unanswered eternity with God, but it doesn’t explain why it happens, only describing what happens. This pertains to purposeful summaries explaining why and how, not just what is happening. We also discussed diaries, including Anne Frank’s, and how they have a partial truth, rather than a full truth, similar to our writing. The writing shapes reality into something we can easily communicate. We also discussed a hypothesis discussing what art is, and if it has a purpose, it’s no longer art, and if it communicates a message, it’s propaganda.


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