Visual- MellowTacos

Magic Hour :30 | Pets and People Together 


A young girl who appears to have down syndrome, pokes her head around a wall with an excited look on her face. It seems like she’s in someone’s house. She’s trying to get someone’s attention that is behind that wall.


The camera turns to who the young girl is looking at. She was looking at a woman who is expressionless who I assume is her mother. The mother is not making eye contact with her, however looking to the side down at something. 


The mother is looking at a digital clock. The time is 5:00. It is still light out so this either takes place in the spring or summer. 


The mother looks away from the clock down at what I assume to be the eye leave of her daughter. She says something with a smile on her face. 


The daughter slowly runs from one side of her kitchen to the other with an excited dog running behind her. She stops to reach into what looks like a large bag of dog food.


The camera pans down to the floor where we see the daughter feed the dog. The dog begins to eat the food


Two new people, a man and a woman, appear on the screen. They are outside of a house. The man hands the woman what appears to be another back of dog food. 


The young girl is now running around the neighborhood with her dog on a leash and her mother walking behind her. 


The camera cuts to a different clock inside of what looks like the mother and daughters house because of the paint on the wall. The time is 5:00 again.


The same girl runs into the kitchen where her mom is waiting for her. 


The little girl feeds her dog.


The camera cuts to a new building. A man looks like he is responsible for a bunch of dog food because he has boxes in front of him labeled pet food. He’s looking down at something in front of him. 


It seems like a donation because someone dropped another bag of dog food into the box.


The dog and the little girl are hanging out under her kitchen table while she colors.


The clock strikes 5 again.


The dogs bowl gets filled 


The camera cuts to what looks like a parking lot of a building. Someone places a bag of dog food into the trunk of a car. 


The camera cuts back into the little girl’s kitchen where she’s watching her dog eat. 


Over that same image from the 0:27 time stamp, the words “Be a helper”, “foster a pet”, “find a lost pet” and “” pop up.

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