Self-Reflective Statement- Alivewit55

Core Value I. My work demonstrates that I used a variety of social and interactive practices that involve recursive stages of exploration, discovery, conceptualization, and development.

I believe I met this goal in the first half of the semester exceedingly because of my punctuality in terms of getting my assignments in on time, my appreciation of any critique that I received on any pieces I wrote, and my attentiveness in classroom discussions that allowed me to use what was talked about in class and incorporate any styles mentioned into my writing. Unfortunately in the second half of the semester, I do not feel that I met these standards due to a few reasons. A few unfortunate events had partaken over the last couple months that did not allow me to focus completely on my work in any class, especially this one. My late submissions and my failure to complete assignments are direct results of said experiences. I definitely could have handled the situations better, however, I made the most of this last ditch effort to create a valuable portfolio to represent the grade I believe I deserve in this class.

Core Value II. My work demonstrates that I placed texts into conversation with one another to create meaning by synthesizing ideas from various discourse communities. 

I do believe that I met the requirements for Core Value II because I believe one of my strengths as a writer is being able to string various thoughts and sources together to create a working, concise, and precise argument. My final portfolio consists of evidence of my ability to bring ideas together to create valid arguments. This is an accomplishment because there is such a gray area with my topic and by only looking deep into the research is one able to find the true cause for all the distress in the community I write about.

Core Value III. My work demonstrates that I rhetorically analyzed the purpose, audience, and contexts of my own writing and other texts and visual arguments.

In my writing, I specifically make a point to talk to my audience and not down to them. As a reader I know that it is much more effective when reading something to fluently read and not be interrupted with a definition or description unless it is absolutely necessary in the piece. I take into account my thoughts as a reader when I am writing, because I know that is how most readers want their experience to be.

Core Value IV: My work demonstrates that I have met the expectations of academic writing by locating, evaluating, and incorporating illustrations and evidence to support my own ideas and interpretations.

In my Research paper, I compiled facts and varying arguments that both support my position as well as oppose my position, as to have no stone about my argument left unturned. Any opinions entered into the piece were intended to provide a personal touch to the writing, rather than my paper be just another factoid-filled bore of a read.

Core Value V. My work demonstrates that I respect my ethical responsibility to represent complex ideas fairly and to the sources of my information with appropriate citation. 

I absolutely take pride in my ability to find sources of all kinds and provide proper documentation in giving the credit of their opinions/factual information completely to them. Using their statements as an assistant to increase the validity and strength of my argument is very important, because it allows me some solid ground to stand on and fight bak against any counterarguments.

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