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Causal Argument-tlap23

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White Paper

My Hypothesis: Social Media is killing our older teenagers I want to prove that the rise of the social media platform Tiktok has manipulated people’s minds into what life is really about.Tiktok influencers specifically have created such a high standard … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summary-Tlap12

It seems counterintuitive that the government of Vancouver is helping addicts with their addiction by giving them some of the best heroin on the planet with nurses and police nearby, however they believe it is helping their drug problem greatly. … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- Tlap23

1) Phones 2) Young children and teens with phones 3) The effect phones have on young children and teenager’s attention span 4) Parental guidance and the reduction of hours spent on the phone 5) Parents enforcing screen time limits on … Continue reading

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