0:05 Looking on the mantel shown you try to get a feel of the area. There are some decorative pieces shown on the mantel but what could that indicate? Maybe it will make a statement later.

0:10 Depicted here looks like something caused the room to look the way it does. We went from a nicely decorated living room to a not-so-nice living room. The rug is an indication that was a force pressed against it. Like if a dog were to run on a loose rug with great speed it would create the same look.

0:22-0:28 As the video goes on the assumptions from the nice looking mantel start to dwindle away. As if what’s trying to be told is that everything was once beautiful but now it’s not.

0:39 With looking at this hole in the wall now I start to wonder, what kind of household is this? Definitely not a positive environment. Your first impression is that everything is ok but once you take the time to tour the house you start to realize that this household is not at all a place of positivity. Could the hole mean violence, could the hole mean poverty? I start to wonder.

0:54 Ultimately we realize this video was about getting our attention on domestic violence. We had to listen, rather realize, that the scenes depicted in this video represented the feelings that the wife carries with her day by day. When you first see her she beautiful like the well put together mantel. But inside she is broken and torn like the living room, dirty and messed up like the kitchen sink and the unmade bed, and she is abused like the hole in the wall.

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