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The United States government has routinely sided with unjust causes such as the dismissal of Sibel Edmonds and her evidence of FBI misconduct, Tash Heptings fight for unsurveyed Internet use, and others that have had their lives changed because of Government intervention. I understand that the government is needed as a mediator between American citizens and the world stage. But how much should we trust their judgment? I believe that America’s populace relies too heavily on their Government, and this gives them more leeway with the actions they take. For instance, we trusted our government to regulate firearms so our communities were safer, but when looking into the methods used to lower illegal gun trades and apprehend criminals, this trust rapidly declines. Would you trust the government if they sold guns to gangs and sought after mentally deficient citizens for help? Well it happened and no government institution or official was ever charged or held responsible for these actions. It’s cases like this, the squid ink tattoo scandal, where I start losing faith in our “democratic” Society. If the government can enlist citizens to commit felonious acts with no repercussions, then what lies in this countries future, as a matter fact, what then lies in your future?

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