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Black, K. P., Elwany, M. H.S., Mead, S. T., Scarfe, B. E. “The Science of Surfing Waves and Surfing Breaks – A ReviewScripps Institute of Oceanography. 2003. 2023.

Background: This article gave a comprehensive background of surfing. It explained the proper board to use, rudimentary mechanics, and what makes a wave break. It also gave an explanation of the parts of a wave as surfers see them.

How I Used: I used this to gain an understanding of how waves form in order to understand why dredging is an issue for New Jersey surf. Aside from my own knowledge of changing breaks back home, I used this to understand the science behind what happens at home.

Dally, W. R., Osiecki, D. A. “Evaluating the Impact of Beach Nourishment on Surfing Surf City, Long Beach Island, New Jersey, U.S.A.Journal of Coastal Research. Coastal Education and Research Foundation, Inc. July 2018. 2023.

Background: This text further examines how dredging is completed as well as its effects on one particular surf break in New Jersey.

How I Used: I used this information to explain the particulars of how waves break in New Jersey and how the dredging affects the surf every year. As a New Jersey surfer I can attest to the effects that this dredging has on the community as a spot that breaks well one year may not break well the next.

Minsberg, T. “Finding Gender Equality in the World’s Most Dangerous WavesNew York Times. New York Times. 22 December 2022. 2023.

Background: This article explains the past gender inequalities between men’s and women’s surfing as women have professionally been barred from surfing some of the best and most dangerous waves in the past.

How I Used: I used this to help craft an argument as to why Pipeline is worse than New Jersey for surfing as there are sexist barriers professionally at Pipeline, but there is no such barrier in New Jersey.

Warren, J. “Mechanics of Pipeline and Backdoor Surfline. 6 January 2022. 2023.

Background: This article explains the various factors that make the Banzai Pipeline. It discusses proper conditions such as swell and wind as well as the bathymetry and best season for surfing this wave.

How I Used: I used this to gain an understanding of how Pipeline functions in order to prove that while the wave seems dangerous on paper, that it is in reality a much easier wave to ride because there are no crowds which take out a major risk element in New Jersey surf.

An Evaluation of the Short Term Impacts of Beach Nourishment on Surfability in Long Branch, New JerseyStevens Institute of Technology. 2020. 4 March 2023.

Background: This thesis attempts to explain the offshore dredging that occurs on the Jersey Shore annually to evaluate how this process affects surfs on a short-term basis. It provides thorough research on the process as well as how it will affect the these breaks

How I Used: I explained how the dredging essentially creates a new break every summer that surfers have to learn and adapt to each year which adds another element of adaptation to surfing New Jersey breaks. Surfability decreased for at least one month after beach nourishment. The study focuses primarily in Monmouth County which is where my hometown is and where I surf most often. The study occurs all over the county, but is centralized in Long Branch as this is where the dredging is taking place. The other beaches are under surveillance as a comparison. Long Branch was selected as it allegedly has the most consistently good surf, but in my own personal opinion that is wrong. Manasquan has the best and most consistent surf in the county.

New Jersey Travel and Surf GuideSurfline. 2023. 4 March 2023

Background: This provides a background of surf breaks in New Jersey as well as what conditions create optimal surf. It also details the proper time of year to surf as well as gives some insight into the process of surfing in New Jersey

How I Used: I used this to provide a guide of when surfing is best in New Jersey and why this is the case as well as providing insight into New Jersey surf culture. It is not a typical surfing destination (or a destination sought after at all), but if you end up here there is potential for good wave. The quality of the water is as good as it has been for the last thirty years due to frequent testing. Most Jersey beaches close when it is dirty. While surf can be crowded during the summer, you and few buddies can always get some good rides, but when winter comes around and the herds thin, you get more and more choice rides. Crowds are not bad for those who are used to them. Dolphins and porpoises are present in summer and early fall. Beach badges and beach closings during hurricanes can prove to be problematic at times, but there are few hazards here. Seasonal surf rankings: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer (Personally: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring because I do not like the cold). Fall is best due to warm waters, no crowds, and good swells from hurricane season. Water temps from 50-68. Winter has no crowds, but fewer waves between swells. The days are also shorter and its bricks out here. Water temps from 33-50. Spring is still cold and the swells have died down. Summer is hit or miss with teh waves either being excellent or flat. Surfing areas are limited and lifeguards are up your ass about being in swimmer zones. Crowds and badges are an issue, but sunrise and sunset are peak.

A Shore thing; Tourism in New JerseyThe Economist. 30 May 2015. 6 March 2023.

Background: This article showed how instrumental tourism is to the New Jersey economy and how the Jersey Shore attracts hoards of people to New Jersey every summer.

How I Used: Jersey requires tourism for a large part of its economy. Jobs, state income depend on tourists flocking to beaches in the summer. Sandy destroyed the beaches, but they are back and up and running for the most part as beach refurbishments have been made to protect our shores.

Coastal Water Temperature GuideNational Ocean and Atmospheric Administration. 6 March 2023.

Background: This gives a chart of various average water temps around the country

How I Used: NOAA research shows a chart of average monthly water temperatures throughout New Jersey. In winter the water can reach temperatures as low as 36.4 degrees and in summer it can reach as high as 79.4 degrees with February being the coldest month in the year and July being the warmest. This can used to show the struggles that many Jersians face when paddling out in the winter.

Why the Banzai Pipeline is the ultimate surfing wave?” SurferToday. 2023.

Background: This article explains why Pipeline is a dangerous wave, but also why it is one of the best waves in the world. It explains its nature of difficulty, but also the glory for those who have succeeded surfing there.

How I Used: I used this to understand why Pipeline is so highly regarded, but also used it to show why Pipeline is only exclusive to the professionals while New Jersey surf is a wave that every person, man or women, can surf.

Pipeline, Hawaii’s Deadliest WaveT&C Surf Designs. 15 December 2020. 2023.

Background: This article explains the beauty that is the Banzai Pipeline. From how the swell and waves arrive at Pipeline to the crowds that it attracts to the dangers of surfing Pipeline. Although brief, this gives a comprehensive background of the Banzai Pipeline

How I Used: I used to this to better my knowledge of the culture of Pipe and why this deadly wave attracts so many surfers. I used it in order to find flaws in the argument for Pipe such as its lifethreatening nature and also how it requires a major swell for surfers to give it notice.

Banzai Pipeline, Surfing’s Best Left HanderVolcom. 2023.

Background: This article explains the dangers of Pipeline and how professional attention is given to this location. It also gives a list as to why Pipeline is the best left-hander in the world. Which ranges from the wave of a lifetime to its visual spectacle.

How I Used: I used this to gain an understanding of the public attention that Pipeline garners and why it is touted as the world’s best wave. I also used this to gain an understand of how I can poke holes in the argument of Pipeline being the world’s best wave.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Surprising in its excellence primarily because it seemed so unlikely that an investigation into wave break quality would lead to excellence. You do a great job of elucidating the value of your sources, RS6. With the possible exception of the last entry, which fails for flatness.
    Graded SUN APR 30


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