Visual Rewrite—ZoeyZoey


In the first few seconds of the video, you notice many different people come together putting up tents and displaying shirts on tables. A lot of excitement is portrayed in these few seconds. There are people dressed up with shirts that state ” Love has no labels”. You also see that many of the people that are cheering are all different genders, race, and color.


We start to hear a young woman that has been asked “what is love?” It is a question being asked to the people that are parading and cheering with excitement as they march their way showing pride in what they are trying to, as it looks to me make a statement with their shirts and signs that state “love has no labels” which to me in these few seconds has showed me that this video can be a protest against pride members also known as same sex couples, gender changed individuals, and race.


These few seconds of the PSA video shows how they are parading with signs, fake tattoos, photographing, as well as interviewing different couples on what love is to them. They are also a symbol to what is trying to be stated to people, that we should not judge. Different people come up to a stand that has a videographer that seems to be asking either same sex couples or a group or different genders what they think “Love is ?”.


In this we hear in the background of the video a young man speaking bout how this gathering that we see of how happy people are waving flags of striped rainbow colors and wearing shirts with the phrase “LOVE HAS NO LABELS” stated has helped him open up to his family and friends on his way of life that he life that many in this world do not accept. It made him open up to telling the people he cares about, it showed him and made him realize how many people is dealing with similar issues he had and how to over come them. He has a support system.


This scene shows on how they have a x-ray screen showing on how we are all made up the same, behind that screen we cannot see if we are big, small, dark, light, man or women. We can only see bones. This is stating that we are all made the same and should be treated the same. It has given the people a opportunity to show everyone around them that behind that screen we can’t judge so why should we when they pop out the sides of the screen and show their real identity. Love with no labels is trying to state that love doesn’t signify that we can only love on certain “type”.


The video has come to a closing statement saying “Love can only be defined by one word, and thats love.” It is trying to prove a point and let people know that we should not judge others and love others for who they are no matter what gender or race they may like. We are all equal and we should all love one another the same. This ad is to encourage people that this is what makes individuals happy that are different then us. That we should not love anyone less or more due to their choices and way or life. We are all created differently. We must except the differences and let people live without ruling how we should be living in this world. If that was to be true god would have had a manual instructed with who we will will be with and that we are all made the same and look the same because of these issues.

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