A09: rebutal argument -hiralp365

Most of the drug addicts in the world are heroine addicts. Heroine is very popular and also the most dangerous drugs of all which is why it is prohibited. However places like Vancouver, Canada are providing one of the finest heroine on earth to heroine addict patients. The researchers believe there is no other alternative except injecting these addicts with heroine.The use of heroine by patients must be eliminated to prevent further harm to patients health and help in keeping moral ethics

There are some very long term affects associated with continuum usage of heroine. The Vancouver doctors claim heroine to aid and treat patients who have no hope. However these drugs don’t cause withdrawal from usage of it. A heroine addict going into depression or anxiety is to due to altering of the mind caused by heroine. The white matter of the brain would in advance further damages the structure of the brain. There have been more cases of death than there is an recovery of patients from addiction through Insite program.

The goverment also Th




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