Practice Opening-Minutemen14

Nigeria is haunted by what seems to be an inevitable dead end in eradicating the Poliovirus. False information and an overall fear of vaccinations has turned into guerrilla warfare when battling the poliovirus, rather than one common goal against it. Civilians do not know where to turn as they either fear that the vaccination is harmful or are skeptical of those giving out the doses. Without proper information and so many rumors circulating, it is impossible to have any cohesion to stop this virus. Many get hung up on the possibility of paralysis or death due to vaccine, when in fact the virus harms/kills much more annually. Therefore the only effort to be made is to somehow reach out and capture the attention of Nigerian civilians to stand against this virus once and for all. Without common trust or reliable information, these people are at the mercy of the rescuers around them to make decisions for what is best for themselves and their families.

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