Visual Rhetoric – SortableElms


In the first second it is a first person view of a kitchen. The kitchen is in the middle of the screen with white walls on the left and right side. On the right side of the kitchen is a door with six windows. It makes me believe that it is a back door that leads outside. In the bottom right side of the video is a circle with a white outline. It looks like a mini map that would be seen in a video game. In the bottom left side of the screen is a box that makes the background blurry. In the box it looks to be a chat that you would see in video games with teams that you need to take to. The first name with a message is cdrone714. Through the chat it is revealed that this cdrone714 is the person in the house. They are talking with a jnixc who we know is not with cdrone714 as jnixc asks what they see. As cdrone714 moves around we see opposite of the kitchen is a living room area with a gray couch and a chair. There are a pair of windows, television, a lamp and paintings.


The house appears to be well lived in as there are blankets tossed about the couch. Cdrone714 turns after typing that they heard a noise to reveal a set of stairs. They move up the stairs. Jnixc reveals that they are almost wherever cdrone714 is in the chat box. Cdrone714 moves around the thin hallway. In the hallway there is a window and a slightly open door on the right side. The open door leads to a bedroom. The bed has more blankets tossed on it. On the left side is a thin table with frames that cdrone714 is quick to turn towards. One of the frames gives a quick look at what appears to be a couple with a baby. Cdrone714 opens the drawer and in the drawer are clothes and what looks like a box of 50 bullets. In the chat cdrone714 tells jnixc that the gun isn’t in the drawer. Cdrone714 is quick to look up from the drawer and head out of the door to the hallway.


The rest of the hallway that cdrone714 had their back to is shown. There are 3 more doors and more photos hanging up. Cdrone714 and jnixc continue their conversation with jnixc being confused as to what cdrone714 means and where the said gun is. Cdrone714 is moving very frantically and it is making the camera have a shaky and uneasy feeling. Cdrone714 peers into the door on the right side and continues back to the door in the back. In the chat cdrone714 mentions someone named Cameron. Before the door opens the screen goes black the words “with gun suicide, there is no extra life. Store your gun safety: locked, unloaded, away from ammo.”

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