Visual- Faded26

Bike 1

00:01- The advertisement begins with a birthday party and you can hear people talking and cheering on the gift. A boy starts to unwrap a gift and it is a bike.

bike 2

00:03- Next the boy rides his bike with his friends. He rides the bike with a lot of energy and excitement.

00:08- Then the advertisement goes to a different point in the boy’s life where he is delivering newspapers.

Bike 4

00:12- He rode his bike  and dropped it to the curb. He runs to a house with flowers behind his back supposedly to give to a girl.

Bike 5

00:13- The bike is put to the side in the garage where the boy had once received it as a birthday present. In the background a car engine is heard, implying that the boy is grown up and has a car.

Bike 6

00:16- Now in a goodwill store a woman points to direct someone to put the bike somewhere.

Bike 7

00:19- A woman cleans the bike so that it looks like new.

Bike 8

00:22- A boy is excited and pulls his dad towards the bike.

Bike 9

00:24- He points at he bike excitedly to show he wants it. The voiceover says “Your stuff can be more powerful than you think.

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