20 THU MAR 30

Class 20 THU MAR 30

Counterintuitive Narratives

The Definition of a Kilogram

  • The Definition is about to Change
    • “If Le Grand K gets heavier or lighter — or absorbs atoms of something from the air — the definition of the kilogram literally changes. Scientists believe something like this has been happening, because Le Grand K seems to now weigh slightly less than its official copies.”
    • “The originators of the metric system based it on the globe itself, with the meter described as one 10-millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator. But, for a long time, the meter was literally a metal bar in France. As physics advanced, says Schlamminger, scientists were able to ditch the metal bar and define the meter in terms of the distance that light can travel through a vacuum in about one 300-millionth of a second.”

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology in Maryland has its own copy of Le Grand K — a platinum-iridium kilogram known as K92.  

The New Kilogram is based on Planck’s constant

Now, after researchers spent years creating an elaborate new kind of weighing machine called a Kibble balance, it’s finally the kilogram’s turn. In the future, to see whether a hunk of metal really weighs 1 kilogram, it won’t have to get flown to France and compared with Le Grand K. It can be evaluated in this type of instrument, using Planck’s constant.”

The Ultimate Geek ID Card

.The Consequence of Perfect Attendance Awards

  • Perfect Attendance Awards
  • The Study
    • As states and districts struggle to prevent chronic absenteeism, rewarding students for
      attendance has been seen as low-hanging fruit—California even requires it by law.
      In a forthcoming study previewed at the annual Society for Research on Educational
      Effectiveness meeting in Washington last week, researchers found that older students who received recognition certificates were actually less likely to continue going to school every day than students who received nothing at all.

Followup Report: Natural Language

In-Class Workshop:

Let’s work on this paragraph together.

Vancouver has a huge problem with heroin addicts committing crimes to support their habits. The “free heroin for addicts” program is doing everything they can in stopping the addicts. The problem with this program is that it won’t help to ween these addicts off using heroin, it will only trying to save the city from rising crime rates that they’re up to. The programs main focus is the high crime rates caused by heroin users. Addicts have a hard time getting through their day to day activities such as jobs and social interactions, and relationships are hard to maintain because they are using. Due to their addiction, users will do whatever they have to do to get their hands on the drug. Commonly committed crimes include breaking and entering and stealing. By providing the drug in a safe way, these addicts will be off the streets, which in turn will prevent them from committing minor street crimes. This program gives people free heroin in the cleanest way possible, and in turn will fix the city crime rate but not the addiction that these people face.

Preview Rhetoric Unit:

(Prepare for Class TUE NOV 15)

Sources Unit—
(Prepare for Class TUE NOV 15)

  • Sources Workshop Number 2
    • Responsive to Student X’s trouble finding academic sources
    • Located in Course Documents/Research Tips/Sources Workshop

21 Responses to 20 THU MAR 30

  1. levixvice says:

    Class Notes-11/9/21
    When can an object be a definition? A kilogram was once an instrument to measure the weight of an object if it was heavy or light, just as the meter bar was also an object to measure distance before being made into a definition. Planck’s constant became the new measurement of the weight of an object (in kilograms). Rhetoric communicates words onto paper as interpretable for people to understand without any grammar or phrasing going in the wrong direction, also known as syntax. The ingredients for making a better rhetorical argument are clarity, persuasive words, and a complex thesis. Analogies are important in learning when making sense of the language. Refutation must respect the other viewpoint that the person is making, while the rebuttal goes out to counterpoint in respect to have clarity and making a statement in their viewpoint.


  2. Lunaduna says:

    When can an object be a definition? (It rarely occurs)
    Kilogram – the use of measuring (such as cheese in a grocery store)
    The definition of a kilogram always changes. (Because the copies of Le Grand K seem to be less than the original)
    The new kilogram definition is based on Planck’s constant (6.626 * 10^-34)

    Perfect attendance awards
    – People attend school less

    Rhetoric Discussion
    Argument and rhetoric are inseparable (Rhetoric is everything that goes together with comminating in words.)
    Uncorrected drafts – you know what you mean (you know what you think) but you cannot precisely right the ideas on paper
    Syntax issue – even when the grammar is correct, sometimes, but the sentence might not make sense
    Rhetorically effective drafts – persuade the readers to accept the writer’s premise
    Rhetorically effective arguments – prove more than one complex theses

    Rhetoric can reveal or hide arguments (Help the writer or hurt the writer)
    Don’t give your audience any time to disagree with your statement


  3. kingofcamp says:

    English Comp II Lecture Notes (11.9.21)

    Counterintuitive Narratives
    o When can an object be a definition?
    o never, rarely
     kilogram example
    • not actually a kilogram because the plate the physical object rests on adds molecular weight
    o Definitions change
    o the new kilogram is based on Planck’s constant
     mathematical equation
    Rhetoric Unit
    o Rhetoric and Scholarship
    o argument and rhetoric are inseparable
    o The Style Aspect of Rhetoric
    o Example (1)
     *look at examples and see corrections*
     unnecessary language in first example
     when reading, the paragraph does not make sense
    o Fixed Example (1)
     more precise language/ useful language
     logical analogies to convey idea of the paragraph
    o Example (2)
     *come back to*
    o Rhetoric can Reveal or Hide Arguments
    o Brevity and Clarity
     don’t give your readers time to disagree
    Rhetoric for Refutation
    o Example (1)
    o *see highlighted and revised example*
    o Example (2)
    o messy argument
    o not precise
    o wishy-washy
    o Example (2) Revised
    o making clear of other point of views
    o divergent viewpoint
    o rebuttal


  4. littlecow24 says:

    -It is very rare that an object is a definition
    -A kilogram used to be measured by a platinum cylinder that was encased in glass domes, vacuumed to get all unnecessary molecules out
    -The measurement of a meter used to be based off of a metal pole
    -The new kilogram measurement is based on Planck’s constant

    -No matter how good your argument is, you may have trouble trying to convince your reader. You may not be good at communicating
    -Rhetoric goes hand in hand with argument
    -You can write a sentence where verbs and subjects match up but the clauses don’t make sense for the sentence; a syntax problem
    -You can provide the skeleton for the argument, enhancing the persuasion in your essay
    -Through about the same number of words as the original, jumbled paragraph, you can have much more persuasive sentences and show more to the argument
    -Rhetoric can reveal or hide arguments
    -You can’t give your readers any time to disagree with you; brevity and clarity is key to keep them going along with your essay
    -Have enough evidence! Don’t over-rely on personal perspective
    -What should a good paragraph look like? Ask yourself these questions:
    Does the paragraph use precise language to emphasize its ideas?
    Does it make clear claims?
    Does the paragraph ask readers to accept a specific premise?
    Does the paragraph reveal (or does it hide) its arguments?
    Does the paragraph present a complex thesis?
    Does the paragraph employ its Scholarship effectively?
    Does the paragraph give readers time to disagree?

    -You have to address the objections to your argument
    -Unmask the analogy
    -Other POVs, accommodations that show respect for the other viewpoint, rebuttal


  5. zzbrd2822 says:

    In class today, we discussed the definition of a Kilogram and how it is no longer defined as an object. Due to the slight difference in absorption of molecules or atoms, the Kilogram weighs slightly less than its official copies. The new Kilogram is based on Planck’s constant. We assume that we have solid definitions for concepts, however, in actuality we do not. We also discussed how perfect attendance awards caused students to be less likely to continue going to school every day. We then explained how argument and rhetoric are inseparable. In the stylistic aspect of rhetoric, uncorrected drafts suffer from imprecise language that inhibits interpretation. Rhetorically effective drafts persuade readers to accept a premise and prove more complex theses. You should not give readers time to disagree with you. Next, we discussed rhetoric strategies for refutation.


  6. lokiofasgard24 says:

    Counterintuitive narratives:
    -the kilogram standard had unexpectedly gotten heavier, making it not a kilogram anymore
    -a foot was originally based off a man’s foot
    -the perfect attendance award is counterintuitive because the reward is light hearted and unwelcomed
    Rhetoric Unit:
    -do not give readers time to disagree
    -don’t take the argument contrary to your own and refute that
    -try to refute the smartest possible objection to your pov
    -use this rebuttal strategy:
    1. identify points of other point of view
    2. show respect to that point of view
    3. then rebuttal after all the build up


  7. ziggy026 says:

    A kilogram is no longer an object and copies will not always be the same weight. Planck’s constant is what a kilogram is now based off of. We do not always know the correct explanation for the things we think we know. Rewards for perfect attendance do not encourage students to keep going to class. One reason for this is because students start to believe that it’s something special to go to school and there’s no negative consequence. There is no benefit for them and they believe they have been doing something they thought was normal to accomplish so little. Argument and rhetoric are inseparable and cannot go without each other. Drafts that are not corrected are at risk for sounding incomplete and will not be persuasive.


  8. sunshinegirl457 says:

    The measure of a kilogram and a meter have changed, but a foot has stayed the same throughout the years. Rhetoric is everything that isn’t gramma and logic, it’s the way you sequence and describe the arguments,
    The paragraph on electron money and abstractions had a lot of words get in the way of the argument. There were unnecessary phrases that took away from the clarity of the ideas.
    It’s funny to think that if you drop a twenty dollar bill in the ocean, it is no longer yours. It belongs to whoever finds it next. However, the same does not go for a car. If I give my keys and car to a valet driver, I am not giving up ownership because of the registration papers that say it belongs to me. This is how, even though we have shifted to a mostly electronic world, paper still holds value to us in more ways than we think.
    When writing the rebuttal, it’s important to identify the main thing a reader will be thinking to contradict your arguments. Once this is known, you must eliminate it right away so there’s no possibility the reader would doubt you.


  9. comatosefox says:

    Kilogram can change and in Le Grand K will no longer be used to to the weight be less. A Kibble balance will be used instead, allowing things not to be sent to France to get evaluated.
    Perfect attendance really doesn’t help anyone, rewarding those who have it is pointless and meaningless to those who receive it. Getting a reward from it is kind of embarrassing and it means nothing, those who don’t get one will still graduate and go to great colleges regardless of attendance. Grades are important, focus on that and then it will mean something to older kids.
    Argument and rhetoric are inseparable, you need to persuade your readers, not just give them facts. Give them a string of agreeable content but keep them on their toes, don’t give them something they’ll get bored of.


  10. when can an object be a definition?
    what we know as the kilogram changed and is not a kilogram because it is not the same weight
    definition argument:
    we need to agree on the terms by which we measure things that we think we know
    rhetoric workshop
    brevity and clarity: don’t give readers time to disagree
    precise language is important
    in rebuttal argument, show respect and do not alienate reader. persuade reader to agree


  11. Lily4Pres says:

    When can an object be a definition?
    Rather than being just a unit of weight, a kilogram used to be a piece of metal (Le Grand K) in France. The metal was the definition of a kilogram. Scientists are worried that this piece of metal is changing in weight due to atoms that it either is collecting or losing as time passes. In contrast, the meter was created the same way as the foot was created. However, the definition was changed as scientists declared that a meter was 1/10m of the distance from the north pole to the equator. Once again, this could change again though due to erosion and such, so they needed a constant. They changes the definition of a meter as the distance light travels in 1/3m of a second.
    This is why we write definition arguments, we have to agree and know the terms so that everyone can come to the table with the same knowledge of definition. Definition can change, it’s a necessity to get your audience on the same page as you.
    In your refutation argument, your job is not to promote the rebuttal. Your job is to provide the rebuttal, address it, then execute it through refutation. It is vital to name the people you are refuting. Use the phrase “advocates of… critics of… opponents to… objectors…defenders of…” Give them a noun. Do not give a personal name to them such as “people who believe in…” Show them respect although you’re trying to annihilate their position. Identify the strong argument against yours, identify those who disagree with you, grant them that their evidence is understandable, destroy their argument and point out the holes in theirs.


  12. imaspookyghost says:

    significance of the kilogram definition. planc constant and the speed of light. how its related to bieng an arguement if only one person disagrees.
    The consequence of Perfect Attendance Awards.
    older students who received recognition cerificates were actually less liekly to continue going to school every day than students who received notihng at all.
    Rhetoric Unit
    Revised paragraphs.
    Rebuttal argument introduction
    -figure out the fundamental refutation
    -acknowledge it.
    NFL example – turf fields vs grass fields
    indicate there are other points of view
    accommodations that show respect for the divergent viewpoint
    indicate where the rebuttal begins.


  13. frogs02 says:

    Today in class we started talking about how kilograms can weigh heavier or lighter and it will still be considered a kilogram. No matter what it weighs, it still does not change that it is a kilogram. We write definition arguments because we need to declare. People don’t show up to school because there is no punishment for not going to school. Rhetoric is everything that goes into a piece of writing that isn’t your grammar and logic and the actual sources that you cite. It is the way you sequence your argument, it is the way you choose to phrase the information we use. Rhetoric depends on precise language. Uncorrected Drafts suffer from imprecise language that inhibits interpretation. Rhetoric can reveal or hide arguments. We then talked about how money is never claimed. If you find 500 dollars on the ground, that money is yours. If the definition is lacking, the definition argument is extremely hard to understand. The refutation argument is shooting down the refutation. You don’t want to agree to the refutation.


  14. krackintheneck says:

    What I learned in class today:
    – we write definition arguments because we need to agree on terms that not everyone agrees on by declaring what the true answer/definition about the topic
    – rhetoric is everything that goes into a piece of writing that isn’t grammar , logic, or references. It’s the way you phrase your writing and your writing style almost
    – persuading is also apart of rhetoric
    – rhetoric depends on precise language
    – making analogies will help the reader understand your topic a lot better
    – do not object argument to hurt essay
    – identify objection to argument and then prove it wrong
    – the rhetorical refusal is the counterintuitive claim in your paper


  15. strawberryfields4 says:

    Counterintuitive Narratives
    -When can an object be a definition?
    -Le Grand K is THE kilogram
    -Something can weigh the exact same as Le Grand K, yet still not be THE kilogram
    -If Le Grand K changed weights, the concept of kilogram would change entirely
    -Everything else’s weight, measured in kilograms, would change as a result
    Definition Argument
    -Declare a definition on a subject that can be debated
    -What defines virginity? What defines a male vs a female?
    Rhetoric Unit
    -Everything that goes into a piece of writing that is not grammar, your logic, or your sources
    -Your description of your argument, your language
    -Rhetoric goes hand in hand with the rest of your argument (they are inseparable)
    -Rhetoric depends on precise language
    -It is your job to guide the reader!
    -Rhetoric adds clarity and aids in your job of guiding the reader
    Refutation Argument
    -Do not promote a refutation to your argument
    -Anticipate the reader’s argument then KILL IT!
    -Acknowledge and respect that there are other points of view
    -Do not alienate readers who believe they are correct (be polite)
    -Name the group of people you are refuting as a noun (ex: advocates for, opponents of, adherents to, critics of, etc.)
    -Calling them “people who believe” becomes too personal
    -It would not be a counterintuitive subject if everyone agreed!


  16. calamariii says:

    The definition of an idea isn’t black and white, it is an argument that what the definition is is correct. Outside factors and variables can change what the definition of something is, but these deviations are still the definition for whatever that something is. Rhetoric is the way you describe and sequence your writing, along with the wording that you use. Many of the aspects of using rhetoric correctly include knowing when to use more or fewer words in the most efficient way to fully explain the point you are trying to make without repeating. When thinking of the refutation argument to your original argument, make sure that the refutation is a legitimate point, but one that can be shot down by continuing and disproving with your own argument. There are different ways to attack a refutation argument, directly attacking them is a way of going after them as well as going after the base definition that the refute is connected to.


  17. tyblicky2001 says:

    Today there was an example that explained a definition argument
    We also learned how to revise an rhetorical argument.
    Argument and rhetoric are inseparable
    Even when the grammar is correct, sometimes, but the sentence might not make sense
    Prove a more complex thesis
    Paint the divergent opinion into a corner.
    Expose the duplicity of the argument.


  18. chickendinner says:

    Unless there is an agreement about the definitions of relevant terms, there is no hope of having a productive argument.


  19. kilotoon says:

    I came in a tiny bit late so I might have missed something
    Aside from grammar, logic, and references, rhetoric is everything that is in a piece of writing.
    What defines virginity?
    Rhetoric is the way I phrase my pieces of writing and my style of writing
    Analogies help the reader comprehend my writing
    Persuading is included in rhetoric
    Use rebuttals in your essay and prove those objections wrong
    That is the counterintuitive claim in my writing


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