Casual Argument (Professors Indoctrinating Students With Liberalism)- Belldere

With American professors being three times more liberal than normal and 72% of college professors are liberal; it is evident that more professors will persuade liberalism which leads to how college professors are indoctrinating students. As a whole, that leaves professorates leaning far more to the left. With this being said, this affects our generation leaving colleges being a biased place.

Teachers are supposed to have an unbiased view in the class. They are not supposed to share their beliefs. But many of times we see it still happening. If more teachers are liberals, there will be more liberal talk throughout the school and in the classrooms leaving students unable to preach their beliefs. If a professor believes in certain things and a student doesn’t it could cause problems in the classroom ultimately leaving the student to fail, fear being failed or unadequately challenged which often leaves many of them unprepared for the real world.

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