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Definition- Mellowtacos

Mental health can be affected in many different ways. More recently people have found the pandemic left some people with issues such as depression, anxiety or high stress levels. In order to cope with this, millions of dogs were adopted … Continue reading

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            Happiness like many other feelings is no simple discussion. Happiness may be the state of mind that is sought after the most but it’s a “squishy” topic that is very hard to define/categorize. What makes happiness so squishy is … Continue reading

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Definition – Fulcrum66

People become motivated to start exercising for a copious amount of reasons. Some of us want to change what we look like or want to feel better overall healthwise. When a person chooses to go to the gym they must … Continue reading

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Definition – Anonymous123

The Power of Superstition I’m sure that most of us have either played or watched a specific sport that we find interest in. Me specifically, i have played three sports throughout my life and they are hockey, baseball and football. … Continue reading

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Definition – Giants19

Are Seatbelts Safe? Introduction Seatbelts have been a subject of controversy for many years. While some people believe that they are safe and can save lives in the event of an accident, others argue that they can cause serious injuries … Continue reading

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Definition – GracchusBabeuf

Niccolò  Machiavelli : A Bad Machiavellian? An unscrupulous character, wheeling and dealing in the halls of power with no concern for feeble-minded “morality”. The acquisition and wielding of power his only concern. Perhaps, such a character is dressed in dark … Continue reading

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Performance enhancement drugs, oxycodone, codeine, Vicodin, painkillers, all drugs that athletes have and can become addicted to. Many athletes are often under tremendous pressure to perform at the highest level, and this pressure can lead to the use of PED’s … Continue reading

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Definition – PhilsFan

Sports betting has been around for centuries, with people placing wagers on the outcomes of sporting events since ancient times. In recent years, the rise of online sports betting has made it easier than ever for people to place bets … Continue reading

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Definition – chickennugget246

Seat Belts Can Kill It was a 49-year-old man, seemingly healthy without any underlying disease, who instantly died in an accident due to wearing a seat belt. The individual suffered deadly compressions found around the neck. After medical reviews, multiple … Continue reading

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Music is a very wonderful thing. It is a universal language that is part of everybody’s lives. People listen to music every single day, and they use it for various things such as performing with instruments or singing or even … Continue reading

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