Visual- ljkvng34

0:03 At the beginning of the scene you see a bunch of students walking through the hall. To the right of the screen you’ll notice that there is a girl being shoved into a locker by two girls. Most of the students are crowded to the other side of the hall to give the feel that the girl is alone. There isn’t anyone using the lockers on the right side of the hall.

0:05 Here one of the girls is pulling on the others hair while her friend watches. There is a young boy who is walking right past the incident as if he didn’t see anything at all.

0:09 Now we are looking at the girl sitting on the floor trying to pick up her books. While doing so the one girl is still messing with her hair. The other girl is still being shown in the picture to show that she is also messing with the girl on the ground.

0:12 The camera pans to the left to show all the students in the hall just walking by. No one is even looking at the girl on the ground.

0:19 It now shows the one girl down on her knees making the girl on the ground look down the hall as if someone is watching. It provides a full view of the entire hall. No one seems to even be paying any attention.

0:21 The screen cuts to a mirror which shows the girl being bullied.

0:23 Now the locker that the mirror was on has closed a little and now shows the face of another young girl. The girl has an upset look on her face, it’s more of a frustrated look.

0:26 The locker  that the girl was at is now closed.

The video message was the fact that many students witness their peers getting bullied but don’t do anything to help. It is trying to show that there are some people who want to step in and help but they don’t know how to. They want to raise the awareness of bullying. The video gave a pretty clear message. They showed the lack of interest that everyone had, and then showed one person who actually looked concerned but didn’t know what to do. Which is how many people even adults feel.

Taliban kill 29 in attack on Pakistan air force base.

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