Purposeful Summaries – Anonymous123

  1. Do Multivitamins Really Work?

It seems counterintuitive that vitamins which are supposed to make you healthier can actually harm you. The Vitamin Shoppe is a chain that is growing year by year in sales which sells you vitamins. Now what if those 700 million dollars worth of vitamins actually don’t do anything. Well they don’t, in fact data suggest that these vitamins as nutritional as we are told. A study in 2009 actually claims that multivitamins don’t help prevent chronic illness. They study also proved that vitamins do not protect you from heart disease and lung, breast, and colon cancer. And also taking multivitamins can even make you exceed the recommended daily amounts of that vitamin which is very dangerous.

2. A Meditation on Elderly Animals

It seems counterintuitive that keeping elderly animals alive can actually be cruel. We all believe that there is nothing better than life. And we also can agree that letting go over an elderly animal can be devastating. But at times the animals may not even feel like the life is worth living. As animals get older their suffering increases. And that leads us to think about putting the animal down the help ease their pain. But for others keeping them alive is so they can push off their own pain and suffering at the expense of their animals.

3. Vancouver combats heroin by giving its addicts the best smack in the world

It seems very counterintuitive to give a heroine addict heroine. In Vancouver they created safe called Insite. This is place where heroine addicts can go and shoot up some heroine under nurse supervision. Now, they believe this is a good idea as it is a way to supervise the addicts so they aren’t really at great risk of an overdose. But, does giving heroine to a heroine addict really help anything. If people can go and freely get heroine then what is stopping addicts from continuing their addiction. Feeding heroine to addicts everyday is just as dangerous to their bodies as it is the risk of overdosing.

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