Open Strong- calamariii

The way that we have used the land in our country has been irreparably changed, and the land we have left is decreasing as time passes. The steps that we take next with how we use our land will be important for the sustainability of food sources in the future. To keep our sources of food both efficient and sustainable, correct usage of land is imperative, and neither agricultural or livestock farming is the exclusive path to this. Each section of useable land should be allocated to farming can be supported the best, as well as the best methods and technologies in food production that do not encroach on ethics.

What has been sold in stores is heavily affected by the consumer, which affects how the farmland that we have available is used. When consumer interest increases for products, the demand creates a need to find resources to create the product. Using the land we have correctly is imperative to be able to constantly cater to the demands of a constantly changing consumer base. When using land for either agricultural reasons or livestock farming, it is needed to know what that land could be best suited for, as it is not created equal and land can provide better for certain purposes over others.

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