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I could use some help getting started, professor.

CAUSAL ADVICE PROVIDED, both here as a Reply and at the Causal Argument post.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Indie Bookstores Emerge from the Grave
    Your overall thesis is essentially Causal from start to finish, PitAndThePendulum. You postulate that first Amazon and then other online booksellers virtually killed the independent bookselling community (and did a pretty good job killing the big bookselling chains, too), but that recent reengineering of the indie bookshops into a more experience-based retail environment has resulted in a resurgence in their industry. That’s all causal argument that will succeed or fail based on how well you explain the details. A lot of them show up in your Definition argument already, which suggests you might want to reorganize your material. Here’s a suggestion: Use your Definition argument to Define “The Ideal Online Bookshopping Experience” and “The Ideal In-Person Bookshopping Experience” and indicate how much or how little Amazon and a typical independent bookstore meet those ideals. Amazon hits a lot of ideals: Open 24 hours, endless supply, customer reviews, quick delivery, low prices. Indie Bookshops hit others: Knowledgeable staff, Curated selections, Cafe environment, Community. If you established those parameters in your Definition Argument, your Causal could track the migration AWAY from in-person bookstores to online shopping and NOW the migration BACK to indie shops as a series of causes and effects. Amazon stole customers from brick-and-mortar stores with massive inventories and low prices. Bookshops died by the thousands. Now they’re clawing their way back by catering to special niche buyers who miss the camaraderie of buying and discussing books from like-minded readers. Does that help? You don’t have to revise both simultaneously. Just concentrate on your Causal for now even if it steals material from your Definition.


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