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TV robs the souls of adolescent girls. Adolescent girls in the United States are over sexualized by the Television industry, music industry, and by the media. They are undervalued and their lack of worth as compared to boys their age are constantly being reinforced to them in the music they listen to and the perception of themselves they buy into which is exploited by advertisers. Adolescent girls have been told by society and the media that their worth is based on their physical appearance and their body, and therefore try to look “womanly” to subconsciously impress boys which perpetuates the ideal that women have to look sexy for men as their roll in society. Even parents can fall into the trap of valuing daughters for their beauty and their sons for what they can accomplish which stems at a very young age. Despite the ruthless efforts of advertisers in the media and other outlets who conspire to trick young girls into buying into what they are offering, we as a society have to end the stigma that the objectification of women is acceptable and instill this ideal in our youth. Sexual liberation is okay, but there is nothing liberating about over-sexualizing young girls who are no where near ready to exist as sexual beings.

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