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Stone Money- Doglover846

The Value of Money In today’s society, money is what the world revolves around. We use money for payment, to exchange for an item with the same value in cost. However, what is the true value of money and what … Continue reading

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Stone Money – Anonymous123

Money = Fiction What is money? Seriously, what makes money, money? Everything has a dollar amount price to it. Like we all know, the small, green, rectangle piece of paper that is worth something. Either is worth $1, $5, $10, … Continue reading

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Stone Money – Clevland Brown

Money overall means nothing, but in society it means everything. I say this because money has been different things overtime. Back in older times money as we know it did not exist, so you might wonder how we functioned as … Continue reading

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Stone Money – InspireAngels

Money is a Made-up Concept Money is an economic exchange we used to buy goods and services. We use it in our everyday life to acquire a business, personal wants, or essential needs. A person goes into a store and … Continue reading

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Stone Money—TristanB50

How to Buy Money Money, like many concepts, is capable of generating more and more skepticism as it’s inspected further. It becomes harder and harder to pin down it’s real use when closely examined, ultimately being shrugged off as an … Continue reading

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Stone Money–SinatraMan17

Money, by itself, is “stone” cold. “Stone Money” is an abstract philosophy on the definition of currency that stems from history, but couldn’t be more pertinent to modern America and much of the world. The “stone”ness of the money is … Continue reading

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Stone Money: G00dSoup

Money is a Necessity An item accepted as payment for goods and services is essentially what money is. In the world, money is currently worth what we already know it to be. The only reason we spend money is to … Continue reading

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Stone Money – Charlieclover

The concept of money is understood by all people. It has the utmost importance and serves as the foundation for practically all significant decisions made worldwide. While if you are able, you use the money to purchase the things you want. … Continue reading

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Stone Money- MellowTacos

Needs a Title We all believe that money is physical, we can all hold a twenty dollar bill. That paper itself isn’t quite worth anything. In the podcast The Invention of Money, by The Planet Money Team they discuss the … Continue reading

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Stone Money—queenrandom04

Money: The Concept  What makes the world go round, doesn’t grow on trees, and determines if you can get Mcdonald’s? Money is the deciding factor on the success of your business, life and country. Money originally had value because it … Continue reading

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