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Sports nowadays are played with one of four reasons in mind; for fun, for scholarships, for money and for an outlet. Fun is how most people start out playing, hopping from one sport to the next to find the ones that are most enjoyable and stress relieving. Scholarships are either sought after or a bonus, some people may need to receive a scholarship in order to go to college and others may receive without trying to achieve them. Money, different from scholarships, is a career which many have decided that they not only have fun playing, but would like to make this their career. Then there are those who need support, who have no way of getting their emotions out. Those who have a hard time expressing themselves, who have bottled up anger and stress. Numerous players use their sport as an outlet for the negative emotions they have allowed to linger. Some sports give players a more physical way to channel their feelings through contact, while others give an outlet for stress through a less physically damaging sense of competitiveness. Although all sports are equally difficult and competitive in their respective fields, there are those who get outshined by the sports heavily involved in physical contact. Women’s lacrosse, although it is not as physically active as its male counterpart, is outshined regardless of it being the superior version.

College has become an essential part of the hiring process, the better the degree is, the better the job a person can acquire. Young adults are tasked with shaping their lives at an age that is still as confusing as when you had to learn to coexist with others. America in particular has a system that just throws students into the world with little support and guidance. Even in college, students are still not always given enough  guidance and opportunities to figure out what they want to do. With very little time to think about anything besides school, kids struggle to find the thing they want to do. So many students dropout of school due to the lack of motivation in the major they thought they loved or the overwhelming workload they are forced to put on themselves. Some students are forced to elongate their four year plan because they are unable to keep up with the semester schedules that the college has proposed. College should not be an idea forced onto highschool students in such an urgent manner. Allowing and encouraging the students to take a year off to collect their thoughts after twelve plus years of non-stop schooling would allow students to collect themselves and explore the options that our job economy holds. High schools should push for students who are struggling to confirm their major to take time off and explore their interests through internships or camps before being forced into one of the most stressful times of their lives.

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