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Research Paper-SunshineGirl

Prisons, or at least good prisons worth writing about, are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves as establishments. Such ways include, but are not limited to, actively engaging inmates in sports and exercise, improving sanitation for daily life of … Continue reading

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Research Argument Rewrite – krackintheneck

The Whole Picture All living things need food for survival. Food is an essential part of humans lives, and will continue to be forever. Whether it’s a Snickers candy bar or just an apple, every food has nutrients that will … Continue reading

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Research – LunaDuna

The Ethical Dilemma Behind Animal Experimentation Animal experimentation has been around for numerous years and has always been a controversial topic. The two sides of this debate are the ones who believe that animal testing is beneficial and will save … Continue reading

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Research – Spooky

Research Paper It seems counterintuitive that solar power is not the cleanest form of energy. The advertisement for solar power being “green” tricks the consumer into thinking that it’s a no-brainer for the human race to invest in a full … Continue reading

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A Change Can Change Everything According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word iniquitous means grossly unjust or unrighteous; wicked. This term perfectly encapsulates the overall actions of the representatives of the Coffee Industry, and it’s unfortunate consequences dispersed amongst … Continue reading

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Research— kingofcamp

Ambiguity is Absolute Female virginity is an umbrella term representing the multitude of different interpretations and understandings for what it means to be a female virgin— an ambiguous concept. Not considering the broad female perspective for millennia in the West, … Continue reading

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Effortless Destruction of the Human Body The human pursuit to make life as effortless as possible, has deemed the human body as the equivalent of a utilitarian piece of junk. What once was building railroads and large ocean liners to … Continue reading

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Gas, diesel, electric, are all sources that help farmers with their everyday lives. Gas and diesel are seen as fossil fuels which we will run out of at some point so there needs to be a solution to slow the … Continue reading

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Why the Drinking Age Kills Alcohol causes people to drink. The mere existence of it is what encourages people to consume it and sometimes over consume it. There is absolutely no argument that if alcohol did not existence, people wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Research- Zipemup1

Financial literacy The American school system is killing students by excluding financial literacy from the regular curriculum. There is no doubt that money is vital to of our society, yet many individuals still lack basic financial knowledge necessary to exist. … Continue reading

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