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Test Post—jonnyb25

This is really truly precisely just a test.

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The Mirror Paradox

In-Class Task In a brief comment in the Reply field below, describe our common misconception about mirrors and why it’s so hard to talk ourselves out of the illusion that they flip images.

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Barter Explained Poorly, 4 Times

Paragraph 1. Bartering is trading services or goods with another person when there is no money involved. This type of exchange was relied upon by early civilizations. There are even cultures within modern society who still rely on this type of … Continue reading

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Hypothesis Feedback

By THU OCT 07, all of you will have consulted with my on a plan to develop your Hypotheses to reveal the most intriguing research questions you can imagine. You’re smart people and good students. You’re in class because you … Continue reading

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The “Give Directly” Hypothesis

In 2013 Daniel Handel, an economist with USAID—the U.S. government’s main agency for foreign assistance—had just moved to Rwanda when he heard about a charity that was testing a bold idea: Instead of giving people in poor countries, say, livestock … Continue reading

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The Opposite of a Black Sneaker

In Favor of Outrageous Thinking The goal of all our arguments is not to join a black-or-white debate, but to create a color, or a set of fancy footwear, not the comfortable shoes that “go with everything,” but a pair … Continue reading

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